Dark Hearts

Dark Hearts

When struggling artist Colson, finds his muse in sultry singer Fran, their daring romance spirals out of control into a dangerous game of deception and betrayal.'

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
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When struggling artist Colson, finds his muse in sultry singer Fran, their daring romance spirals out of control into a dangerous game of deception and betrayal.' . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harold E (ag) wrote: The most fantastic war movie I have ever seen. Especially how the stuntmen pulled off some of the most interesting falls that were ever so scary.

David G (us) wrote: A Steven Seagal straight-to-DVD special that's so generic, tedious and biblically, mind-numbingly boring that it may actually bring tears to your eyes. You know the movie's going to be hard work when not even Seagal can muster any enthusiasm for it, the big man seemingly half asleep for the entire running time, unconcerned that he's being comprehensively out-acted by his own flabby man-breasts! I suppose you could say that the plot gets a touch - and I mean a TOUCH - more interesting towards the end and some of the supporting cast are OK such as Lance Henriksen (slumming it even by Lance Henriksen standards), Paul Calderon (best known as Paul the barman from Pulp Fiction) and the young girl who plays Seagal's daughter but nothing even comes close to making a dent in the banality. I was watching the film on TV and I can honestly say that the only parts that I even marginally enjoyed were the advert breaks.

Jose V (br) wrote: Great performances. Entertaining. I agree that any person that commits a crime should be punished, but first that person have to be found guilty. All people, no matter the crime, deservs a fair trial. Sometimes we let our feelings get in the way, and want someone to be found guilty, even without knowing all the facts or having all evidence, wich sometime leads to innocent people be found guilty. But... I'll put it this way, would you want to get a fair trial if you are ever accused of anything? I do, even if I'm guilty, is my right, is our right.

Hannah L (de) wrote: Being born and raised in the United States, I never could fully comprehend what my parents had to go through to make sure I had more opportunities for a better life than they did. Even more disheartening and amazing, many of my family members share a similar story to the movie's. This film provoked many tears.

Yolanda S (it) wrote: Stop lying ya'll know this movie is funny ass hell !!!!

Filippo V (us) wrote: This movie was so fun, the script is brilliant, like in every coen brothers film.

Timm S (br) wrote: Clever Political Satire. Works On Many Levels With The Message To Me Being, Power Sows Seeds Of Corruption...Absolute Power Courrupts Everything, Including Hearts & Minds. "Some Are More Equal Than Others" Ranks Up There With George Bush's "The Have's & Have More's" & Howard's "Core & Non-Core Promises"..Politics Is A Heart-Sapping Mind-Meddling Mash Of Rules To Suit Themselves.

Ruby K (ru) wrote: Seen it a couple of times and always think she acts very odd. But it is a change from the way period pieces always portray love and marriage...

Chris C (ag) wrote: With the film's solid premise and impressive visual effects, Ghost In The Machine makes for a unique horror techno-thriller with solid performances by Karen Allen and Chris Mulkey.

Tony R (jp) wrote: PAC and cast at their best..!!!

sweetpea 4 (nl) wrote: dont eat a chicken ball

Filius S (au) wrote: Masters of the Universe is the He-Man live action movie from the 80's that a lot of people have willfully erased from their memories, and the rest have just never bothered to watch. The movie stars Dolph Lundgren as He-Man, Principal Strickland from Back to the Future 2 as a dick cop, some guy who plays 80's synthesizers and looks like Judge Reinhold, and a pre-fame Courtney Cox who totally became my celebrity crush after repeatedly watching this movie on VHS. Master's of the Universe begins with the evil Skeletor attacking Castle Greyskull and capturing a benevolent sorceress then slowly robbing her of power. He-Man, with only like two other people backing him up tries to go to the rescue, and chops a bunch of people up with his sword which makes crazy sparking effects on contact like the power rangers weapons did. There's lots of lazer blasting and 80's special effects as Skeletor and He-Man eventually cross swords (heh), but Skeletor ends up whooping his ass prompting He-Man and his team to escape into a dimensional wormhole which leads them to 80's motherfucking USA [Insert Keytar solo here]. The reason for the wormholes is something known as a Cosmic Key, which makes jammin sounds, and was made by a yoda-esque dwarf character named Gwildor. Unfortunately the key gets lost during the wormhole jump and is picked up by Judge Reinhold's doppelganger who thinks it's a new synthesizer and starts jamming the fuck out on it. Skeletor gets pissed off and sends some of his monster henchmen after the team of wayward heroes, and to reclaim the lost cosmic key, while the heroes race against time to destroy Skeletor and save Greyskull and the Sorceress. Much like nearly every movie shot in the 80s, Masters of the Universe was a vehicle to sell toys from the He-Man lineup; a fairly unoriginal knock-off of the Conan the Barbarian character which nonetheless became extremely popular. The movie itself did not, becoming both a critical and financial failure. The reasons are obvious: the dialogue is corny, the jokes are cheesy, 80's new wave was on the way out making room for dance music and hip hop, and the He-Man toy line was also starting to slow down in popularity. The sets looked like they were made out of styrofoam, the CGI was decent for the time, but has aged very poorly, and the overall story was a plodding 90 minute cliche. All things considered though, the movie isn't actually that bad; it's got a certain charm to it, and the people performing their roles seem to actually think there's something to this film giving it an air of conviction that may or may not exist. Also seeing Dolph Lundgren run around in a speedo around 80's LA or wherever it was supposed to be is amusing enough on its own. TL;DR - 7/10Yeah, the movie isn't great, and yeah 7 seems like a pretty high score for what essentially amounted to a cheesy b-movie, but like I said: this movie was good enough that eight year old me was able to watch it numerous times in a week, and that means it got two things right: it was entertaining, and kids were able to watch it numerous times. Seeing that this is what the movie was aiming to achieve, it gets a nice boost, and is recommended for any fans of He-Man, B-movie cinema, and general 80's nonsense.

Guillaume H (gb) wrote: i tought for 25 minutes this would be boring and kept watching just to see reunions island, then it suddenly gets compelling and you cant stop watching.

Bill B (gb) wrote: Gave this one a re-watch this afternoon as part of the To-Watch Pile project.It was okay, just another early werewolf flick I hadn't seen, so I watched this when ti turned up on cable.Best moment was when the werewolf dons a hat and cape to conceal his appearance as he leaves the house, funny stuff.Worth a look as a historical piece.

John R (es) wrote: Solid movie. Berranger and Dafoe unorthodox characters make this. One of stones better ones.

Pan C (es) wrote: May be the only Species sequel that can stand toe to toe with its original. The effects budget shows in some scenes, but most of the time they're used sparsely and pretty convingcing. The strenght of the movie though is how it plays around both with aspects of the story and the perspectives from which it's told, giving us a new future for the stalled invasion of our planet. You might come back disappointed if you went in expecting a more and better sequel. If you've seen the first three and are reaching for some new storyline though, this one will work just fine.