Dark Honeymoon

Dark Honeymoon

Dark Honeymoon follows a man who marries a seductive woman after a brief and passionate relationship. During their honeymoon, on the Pacific coast, terrible truths unfold as those around them die mysterious deaths.

A man marries a seductive woman after a brief but intense relationship. During their honeymoon on the Oregon coast, however, he uncovers the terrible truth about his new wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David H (ru) wrote: Great idea, great characters, poorly assembled, but could have been so much better. Still enjoyed it for the idea and the characters..

Joseph H (fr) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Tim G (br) wrote: Better than I expected.

mariam t (it) wrote: it something you can lead to in life .a very good movie

Ben D (us) wrote: Classic, with some flaws in flow, script and delivery.

Gary S (ca) wrote: Quite good for the day. Probably a bit predictable by today's standards. That is the obvious one was not the murderer.

Joo Miguel R (kr) wrote: Great little film. Funny sometimes, with a litlle dose of violence, 2 Guns keep me entertained for almost 2 hours. The strong point really is the big chemestry beetween Washington and Wahlberg, the two leads. Follows the rules, albeit formulaic, but it's a nice film to watch just to have a good time. Dont see any negative aspects of it. I recommend it to action comedy fans who are in desire to see an old school movie... 3.5/5

Louisa T (jp) wrote: Not as funny as Christmas Vacation, but still many laughs to be had.

Larry Y (au) wrote: in the "I've seen most of the others so I might as well watch this" category