Dark Nature

Dark Nature

A family holiday turns into a fight for survival in the inhospitable wilderness of remote Scotland.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   slasher,   swimsuit,  

A family holiday turns into a fight for survival in the inhospitable wilderness of remote Scotland. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren L (it) wrote: Very black comedy with some horrifying results

Andrew S (jp) wrote: Enjoyable zombie flick with comedic elements.

Craig H (fr) wrote: This movie was boring and filled with anti Catholic lies.

Adam R (ca) wrote: Disney and Adam Sandler join forces to produce a very sweet and entertaining movie with creative storytelling. I really liked it! (First viewing - 12/31/2008 in theaters)

Bee C (gb) wrote: Vapid it is not. You will be drawn into this movie with it's myriad of characters...it is worth a watch.

James R (ag) wrote: A sort of modern sequel to The Converstation (1974), Enemy of the State is a bit dated (since technology far surpasses what is shown in the film), but still has a lot of good ideas in it. Robert Dean (Will Smith) is an attorney that gets caught up in a scandal that involved the murder of a US Senator. While Christmas shopping he runs into an old friend named Daniel Zavitz (Jason Lee). Daniel is running away from federal agents because he has video proof of a US Senator being murdered. He drops the tape in Roberts bag and is shortly killed after. Roberts life is tipped upside down. His bank accounts are frozen, his wife believes he's having an affair, and his house is broken into. His only option is finding a man named Brill (Gene Hackman) a super paranoid ex-surveillance man who can help Robert get his life back. Overall, the film is a very entertaining one. It has a lot of moments of cool action sequences, but has some really nice performances from Smith and Hackman (even though he's not in it that long). Overall, it took me quite some time to get to this, but it's a very good one to check out!

David A (us) wrote: with its quirky characters funny script and fantastic performances from its assembled cast, particularly from Walhberg in his breakout role, boogie nights is a must see for people who like odd movies

Private U (ag) wrote: Well-done western about the capture of Geronimo. Has the look and feel of historical accuracy, but it ain't so - Geronimo was actually captured by Henry Lawton.

Ante P (nl) wrote: Not the best Stephen Chow film: some of the jokes fall flat. Still, if you have seen other Chow's movies, see this one too. It's pretty funny.

Sgt C (fr) wrote: If you thought the original was too stuffy and slow and you wanted more action, well this might be what you're after. It has a more American cast and the action runs right through rather than mostly at the end like the first, although to call this a sequel is a little rich. The only real issue here is that there is a lot more action, but none of it is really anything special. So as a action war film with a simple plot this is well worth a look, but it's nothing more than that though.

Dominic S (fr) wrote: Incredibly funny and clever as any Woody Allen film always is. I was a bit skeptical that Allen chose Mia Farrow for the female lead. First of all, he can never go wrong with Diane Keaton, but then again, he can't rely on her all the time. I wish at least Farrow did not keep her sunglasses on almost the whole time and not make a big show out of her hair. She has beautiful eyes, but then again, that may just be the character.Overall, a marvelous addition to Allen's collection of masterpieces.Broadway Danny Rose, I give you a 90%.

Scott S (ag) wrote: Excellent, plausible SciFi. Really well done.

Russell H (fr) wrote: not too bad. also good for some nostalgia if you're a Sox fan.

Megalyn D (kr) wrote: While just as well made as the first film in the franchise, it suffers from pacing issues in a few spots that just dont seem needed and wernt in the novel. And Unfortunatly it is the introduction to the character Dobby the house elf. A character i rank up with Jar Jar Binks as unneeded comedic value and just a waste of celuoid. Toby Jones does a good job with the voice the character however isnt needed. The rest of the film is fantastic and it began the darker tone the movies would take. Kenneth Branagah's potrayal of Lockhart is out of the norm for his usual fare and he does a geat job with the part of a character so annoying you like him. The ending has a few overdone sappy moments that border on cliche as does the polyjuice potion scene. It is the beginnings of the film focusing on the Good vs Evil story and shows a mortality to the characters that each face with each succeding film. The extended edition adds little to the film and for the casual viewer they will not notice the new scenes. The childrens acting is shown to a greater extent and its clear years later looking back which would go on to further careers and the ones who would just stick with harry potter as one hit wonders. It is unfortunate that with a cast the size of these films so many of the actors and actresses preformances are overlooked in favor of the main stars. While not the best film of the franchise it is a geat film with repeat viewing potential.

David J (jp) wrote: The film was underwhelming for me, but strong acting and a couple cool shootouts make this film watchable.