Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula

Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula

Meet the man behind the legend in this true story of Vlad the Impaler, whose vicious and cruel reputation as a bloodthirsty warlord became the basis for the myth of Dracula.

A warlord must fight a bloody battle in order to regain his kingdom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula torrent reviews

Simona N (mx) wrote: This is such a good movie! From beginning to the end -interesting a and a fun ride.

Daniel R (ag) wrote: A one night stand results in a pregnancy in this Judd Apatow comedy. Much like other Apatow comedies, this pic is a bit long and chatty dialogue that bogs it down.

Jeff G (jp) wrote: This Film While having a Romantic comedy storyline is so dramatic that it makes that storyline seem out of place and juvenile but then again considering this is a coming og age film it makes sense. The Amnesia storyline is only a small part of the story of 2 friends Hana and Alice growing up and redefining there friendship. While hana deals with first love by decit and dealing with the consequences. Alice deals with a bad homelife. Reconnecting with her father and connecting with a boy the same boy hana is in love with she also deals with gaining confidence. While the film has plenty of dramatic moments and is successful in it??s follow through. It was very slow and boring. I found it a chore to sit through which I find is not something you should feel watching movie. It??s not a bad film but it could have been a documentary the characters were too real. They weren??t too interesting so watching them for over 2 hours wasn??t exactly a joy plus the film could have been cut down by at least 20-30 minutes and still had the same impact. It feels drawn out. Scenes of natural behavior and nature shots were not needed. I understand artistic vision but come on. The story of hana and alice life long best friends who make there way from JR. high school to high school. Hana is obsessed with boy she see??s on the subway all the time. When he bumps his head on one day she convinces him they are boyfriend and girlfriend and that he has partial amnesia since he can remember everything else but her and recruits alice to play his ex-girlfriend but as he has more questions he begins to fall for alice his supposed ex and she finds she has feeling for him to. Which of course causes a rift between the two friends. Though it is impressive that he did this film with a small limited crew then most films.

Jenna I (us) wrote: God awful film, what were reviewers thinking? This is such a holdover of the 90s if not the 80s. Awful acting all around. Awful costumes. Cheesy camerawork. Stupid cartoony characters. Ridiculous narration. Historically all over the place. Stupid 'moral' ending that's meaningless. This entire film is an embarrassment, what was Scorsese thinking?

Sarah K (kr) wrote: Very funny film, even if your not a fisherman.

Jason D (jp) wrote: With Death Wish 5, it was the mid 90's and nobody seemed interested in an elderly action hero whose reign in the 80's has long since passed. Maybe even the filmmakers felt this way, as this final sequel was given a weak straight to video release and was hardly paid any attention to, which is a shame, because the series ends on a high note as the late Charles Bronson delivers a swan song performance to his infamous Paul Kersey character. Kersey now dates big time fashion designer Lesley-Anne Downs whose former husband, crime lord Michael Parks (probably my favorite villain in the franchise), and his mafia goons take over New York City's fashion companies. After severely hurting then killing Downs, Kersey goes back to his vigilante ways and starts working from bottom to top, taking out the entire crime gang. As always, there's always a popular henchmen within the Death Wish gangs, and in this film, besides having a popular lead villain in Parks (whose had a resurgence in his career by portraying his popular Earl McGraw, who has shown up in several Quentin Tarantino films), we are graced with a psychotic performance from the great Robert Joy (AVP 2, Hills Have Eyes remake). Some great character actors like Saul Rubinek, Miguel Sandoval, and Kenneth Welsh also show up in this underrated sequel. Part 5 also contains the best henchmen ever: a bald guy named Frankie who does the Dr. Claw voice from Inspector Gadget. Hilarious and corny! It's clear Death Wish has reached the censor happy 90's as it's relatively toned down in its violence and there isn't a brutal rape to be seen for miles (though there are still a couple of titty shots). Also, decent writing and direction from low-budget guru Allan Goldstein. Overall, a fine way to end the franchise. I know they aren't a lot of people's cups of tea, but I would have been content with this franchise never ending.

Bruce s (ca) wrote: well they r good i never realy got into them my self

Scott W (br) wrote: Dark, complex, graphic and occasionally a bit too weird for its own good.

Dave R (fr) wrote: one of the earliest "talking" gangster movies. and it's a pretty good one too.the story: a guy who's good with a gun - gary cooper - gets mixed up with the mob because his girlfriend is connected. they soon find that the fast track to the american dream is fraught with danger - from within their own mob.definitely a good film to watch if you're interested in film history too.

Carlos M (fr) wrote: Chaplin's first sound film (but still with no voices, for he wanted it to be a universal tale) was this wonderful and funny movie of transition from the silents to the talkies, structured as a series of fantastic sketch-like scenes and with an incredibly moving, unforgettable last scene.

King L (mx) wrote: Brandon Routh picks up where Christpher Reeve left off in the the second Superman movie. It ignores the 3rd and 4th movies which were simply awful. This is the fifth installment in the Superman franchise. It's better than the 3rd and 4th but not as good as the first 2.