Dark Resurrection Volume 0

Dark Resurrection Volume 0

In this Star Wars fan film, Master Sorran is obsessed by his search for an ancient civilization which, according to legend, holds the secret of immortality. After many years he lights upon the wreck of the civilisation’s most powerful starship: the Resurrection. Sorran ignores the dangers and orders his crew to dock. The explorers and Sorran himself will face the mysteries of the Resurrection and the secret of the origins of the dark side.

Master Sorran, is obsessed by his search for an ancient civilization which, according to legend, holds the secret of immortality. After many years he lights upon the wreck of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Octavian (it) wrote: Warning:MisogynyTransmisogynyShaming of sex-workers"Why? Why did you bring so much? Are you moving in? Or going on a world tour with fucking Jules Verne?"Its great to see transwomen depicted as not-prostitutes for once, ever. And to actually just be normal average people. [UPDATE] Don't undervalue the worth of having a story told very differently. This is worth every minute because it shows non-archtype characters having real relationships.

Timm S (es) wrote: Point Ya Gun, Line The Sight, Shoot The Bad Guy. Put In Some Nice Long-Lense Camera Shots Panning Over Flash Military Hardware & Add A Wise Voice-Over By What Sounds Like "The Dude" (Lebowski)...Yeah, That's About It. Still Doesn't Inspire Me To Join The War On Terror.. Peace & Love! Peace & Love! (Ringo/Beatles)

Lee M (fr) wrote: Stereotyped and typical but well acted little ghost story.

Chris K (it) wrote: i kind of want to see this not really

Alex J (ru) wrote: Why did this movie win so many awards for sound editing? That's like the movie equivalent of the "Perfect Attendance" award.

Ben W (gb) wrote: A good one to watch when UK clocks roll forward or back by an hour! [like today: 30.3.2008]

Sandra V (ru) wrote: Wow, who knew Meg Ryan had it in her? Wish she'd played more roles like this.

David C (jp) wrote: If a producer had received the stereotypical Hollywood pitch for "Breaker Morant," I imagine it would have gone something like this: "It takes place during a war-no, not one of the popular ones, it's the Boer War-and the protagonists are three probable war criminals, quite unrepentant... Likable? Well, one of them likes to recite his own poetry... Yes, it does have some beautiful outdoors shots, so we'll need to pay to send the whole cast and crew to South Africa, but most of the action will take place in an ugly little army prison where the characters debate the finer points of British military law and Edwardian era geopolitics."Luckily, if any producer at the South Australian Film Corporation received such a pitch, they agreed to make the film. Patriotism may have had something to do with the decision, however it was made, because as it turns out this is a thoroughly Australian historical drama. Rather quietly, beneath the shouted legalese of a movie court martial and the coldblooded depiction of a brutal guerrilla war, "Breaker Morant" is about three men from different strata of turn-of-the-century Australian society, and how their loyal service to the British crown in time of war lands them in deadly peril when the crown decides that they are more useful as scapegoats than as soldiers or subjects. In the most moving, character-driven scenes, each man remembers and longs for home, Australia, where they have families and where the title character once enjoyed riding and "breaking" horses. Meanwhile, the script takes numerous not-so-subtle digs at the part-German royal family and at Lord Kitchener, Britain's most famous soldier.For a certain kind of patriotic and historically-minded Australian, this based-on-a-true story which was originally a play that premiered in Melbourne must be a rousing defense of Australian independence and Australian bravery. It's a fascinating watch even for those without a dog in that hunt, but it is also fair to ask whether the movie is too uncritical of its subjects. Are they, after all, war criminals? Or does the movie successfully make the case that the real guilt lay farther up the chain of command, and that the King's Australian soldiers were caught up in an unprecedented and complex kind of war from which nobody could come out both alive and clean? The tone at the end is harder to swallow if you haven't been persuaded of the latter interpretation. But those beautiful shots of the veldt, and the thoughtful examination of a historical moment not often brought to the big screen, make it a satisfying film regardless.

Alex S (au) wrote: This is possibly one of the best Shirley Temple movies that I have seen. The story is well-developed and Temple shows off her acting skills in some very touching scenes. Really enjoyed this!

Phillip D (au) wrote: Although the plot is cliched in the typical manner of love tragedies and the historical inaccuracies are troubling, Cold Mountain really powers past its flaws on the backs of one of the finest casts assembled in years. Although the movie itself is good, Minghella deserves the most credit for bringing together a crew that allows the movie to shine, even in the smallest and simplest of moments. In the grain of classic romance/western films, Cold Mountain delivers a well crafted tale of ill fated romance while also touching on some of the stark realities of war across the ages.

Andrea F (br) wrote: appreciated the Seattle location but otherwise insufferable

Caitlin Y (ca) wrote: too much focus on aesthetics and not enough on the actual film, excessive brand placement, and plot holes made this absolutely painful to watch... my bf thought it was good tho

Dan S (ru) wrote: Sinatra dies at the end.