Dark Side Romance

Dark Side Romance

The story of a young couple, Tan and Peang, man "Tan" who are killed when their bus has an accident on a trip to Northern Thailand. They will survive in the spirit world for 7 days before going through the heavenly gate to be reborn.

The story of a young couple, Tan and Peang, man "Tan" who are killed when their bus has an accident on a trip to Northern Thailand. They will survive in the spirit world for 7 days before going through the heavenly gate to be reborn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Mady J (au) wrote: The movie was stupid!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON IT! I wouldn't even call it a movie

Dan U (es) wrote: Disconcerting, to say the least.

Scott C (ru) wrote: I vaguely remember reading this essay/short story when it was published in GQ a few years back. Often film adaptations are no good, but I really enjoyed this. It's a strange situation, but the audience is able (I think) to empathize with the characters, and the end is riveting and heartbreaking. Go watch this!

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Bob L (ca) wrote: One of Robin Williams very best movies

Ronald V (us) wrote: The perfect movie for a late saturday night, the story is a bit cheesy but still worth to put in your collection, if it only was for nostlagia and mere boredom.

Jonathan M (ca) wrote: Wonderfully dark and often hillarious, no one is safe from it's extremely hostile satire. Well worth seeing.

Michelle A (gb) wrote: director and actors names spark my interest

Mark D (fr) wrote: Alot of build up to the excellent finale. HArryhausen again.

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William C (jp) wrote: My very first SciFi film, when I was a child. This thing scared me to death - I was under the seat in the scary scenes. I bought it on DVD recently to see how much the visions in my mind deviated from the film. It was still an enjoyable film, well acted, lo-tech special effects (why an advanced race would put the air control valve in a place you couldn't reach is curious ;-)

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