Dark Space

Dark Space

College friends Devin, Jack, Shelly, Kristy, Shaun, and Flower rent a spacecraft to autopilot them to Centauri Five for a holiday break. Impatient over the rental agency restricting the ship’s speed to 10x, Devin and the others convince Shaun to remove the craft’s constrictor device. Doing so damages the computer’s automated systems, as well as the ability to send a distress beacon, causing the six friends to crash land on an uncharted alien planet.

When their shuttle is damaged on the way to Centari Five, six friends are forced to crash land on the surface of a mysterious alien planet. Stranded with little hope of rescue, it soon ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danny Q (kr) wrote: An unsettling tale that raises all sorts of questions about marriage, gender and the media, with excellent performances, especially from stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

Michael M (ag) wrote: I tried...but I just couldn't get past the subtitles. I'm not a subtitles guy even if Will Ferrell is the star. There were some funny parts...but the Spanish overshadowed them so I turned the movie off about 1/2 hour in.

Aka A (kr) wrote: 2.5hrs of rubbish. i wanted to stick pins in my eyes as punishment for watching!

Ew K (ru) wrote: The hard luck story of a man bound for hell. One day, when god felt pity on this rotten soul, he sent st peter to save this lost soul. We watch this ugly, proud man become happy and humble, and glad for the chance to live in a community that loves him because he can make people genuinely happy. There is some cussing in this picture, but not too much and adds to the impact of the dialogue, which is somewhat sublime. Chicago at its best (which is saying alot, I hate FIPs). I saw this picture on 11/10/10 at home, being picked up at the local library. Go buy a copy for your collection, its worth watching twice. Watch it when you are feeling down, it will give you a lift. All my best to those who made this little gem. Now, back to the mines!

David M (it) wrote: Not bad if you're into this sort of thing. No real movie. Just alot of images playing while Kurt Cobain gets interviewed about random stuff. Alot of the stuff covered, any Nirvana fan would already know. Still a few random funny things about how Kurt planned on leaving Nirvana and the strain on his relationship with the other members of the band. Recommend if you are a Nirvana fan ofcourse.

Allen H (au) wrote: Sound: Just simple sound editing and sound track use here. 60/100 Technical: Nice use of cell phone video. Use of simple location sets. 70/100 Narrative: Standard crime investigation film. It moves a little slow and meticulous like a real investigation and Tommy Lee Jones' character does. Flows with logic then we get a twist at the end. 60/100 Character/Acting: Very well acted; Charlize Theron and Tommy Lee Jones draw a lot of sympathy and they both arc well; and in ways we do not anticipate. This is the strong point of the film. 90/100 Did I like it: Yes, my sympathies for the characters and the mystery solving kept my interest. 70/100 Artistic merit: There are better films that deal with the effects of war on soldiers and their families, but looking at these issues in a criminal investigation is a different approach. 70/100 Total score 70/100

Tyler W (nl) wrote: Hands Down Worst JCVD Movie I've Seen!

Io K (gb) wrote: Look a bad fucking movie...

John W (ca) wrote: The fifth film in the Hellraiser series it's only loosely connected and works best as a stand alone. Nonetheless, it is one of the franchise's better films with a strong story, a good lead, and palpable sense of foreboding.

David J (au) wrote: Wow, this thing is a mess. I love Bowie, i love most musicals, i love huge se pieces (and this movie has some to rival the likes of Powell and Pressburg's The Red Shoes, say) and over the top studio blow outs, etc. But this movie was just filled to the top with characters that didn't matter doing stuff i couldn't really care about.

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 87%Watched this on 27/9/15Visually striking and stylish, Highlander benefits from the well handled use of it's premise and the often too beautiful Scottish landscapes and back story. Christopher Lambert is good, but it's Sean Connery and Clancy Brown who steal the show. The visual effects in the end and the ending itself is too lame and predictable. Highlander is a great experience as it's cinematography is super fine.

Kristen P (es) wrote: A dark and suspenseful military drama led by a strong performance from Timothy Hutton.

John B (ru) wrote: Disappointing, not much of a holiday movie as it was dull & slow moving family affair.

Eric B (de) wrote: Dark and well-constructed with some effectively trippy flashbacks.

vieras e (es) wrote: This film is based on Kathryn Bolkovac's attempt to expose DynCorp's (Democra in the movie) sex trafficking of minors in Bosnia and is everything but an easy watch. Too bad they chose to fictionalise so much of the story.

Cesar Q (mx) wrote: A refreshing insight into the complexities of Saudi Arabia. Tom Hanks is great as always. But there's not enough meat to make it great.