Dark Streets

Dark Streets

Chaz Davenport is a dashing bachelor who owns what promises to become the hottest new nightclub in town--if only the lights would stay on. Surrounded by the sumptuous blues music he adores, and with his pick of the gorgeous women who perform their sensual dance numbers onstage every night, Chaz is the envy of every man.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

The owner of a 1930s nightclub loses control of his life amid love triangles and too much debt. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AD O (fr) wrote: i love LA and the crazies in it.

Melissa E (ru) wrote: A great high-concept story about the fetishizing of celebrity and the rotting of our cultural mores. Great acting in the lead, unsettlingly creepy, beautifully shot, and yet...somehow tediously slow. It was nearly a waste of such a cool sci-fi concept. It felt almost overly-explained, which is the opposite problem most sci-fi flicks have. Cronenberg Jr did well in his debut however; a bit more palatable than his father, in my opinion. Worth a watch if you're patient and looking for something heady and moody.

amoree k (kr) wrote: this movie got a lil boring but it waz BEAST okay we have the sexy biw wow solange vaness willams stve harvey and cedric the entertanier if yall dont lyk it yall all haterz u feel me

Yaaynie K (au) wrote: A bit slow for me. But it's an interesting movie. I think there is more to this storie than just a storm sinking the Estonia. But my guess is that the book is better than the movie.

Jack P (fr) wrote: found this film not too bad but wasnt a patch on the first film and felt like the film was missing the touch the first one was still it wasnt awful and was quite funny which matters.

Dingleberry P (au) wrote: Not as good as the first IMO, it drags and is overlong, but its best moments and amazing soundtrack make up for it.

michelle w (au) wrote: An oscar worthy performace.

C Allen J (es) wrote: Ultimate authentic, stylish 30's gangster film, but more than that- the story of a son's love for a father whose violent career is at odds with his otherwise moral and 'ordinary' family life. Spectacular performances by Hanks who masters the good and evil aspects of Sullivan, and the iconic Paul Newman, the Irish mob boss who was his mentor and employer. The Thomas Newman score is haunting, sentimental, memorable. I cannot recommend highly enough. More brilliant direction by Sam Mendes. *****

Kyle M (fr) wrote: not bad, for a class b horror movie

Carlo C (jp) wrote: En esta Disney logr una historia lo suficientemente original como para hacerle mencin especial, mi parte favorita los perezosos.