Dark Truths

Dark Truths

Quest is the city's next up and coming rap star. He has just signed his dream record deal when he is given the unfortunate news that his brother, William, was brutally murdered in his ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Quest is the city's next up and coming rap star. He has just signed his dream record deal when he is given the unfortunate news that his brother, William, was brutally murdered in his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan M (es) wrote: Feel good movie about the rescue and rehabilitation of injured dolphins. Entertaining and family friendly.

Noah A (us) wrote: Why doesn't it end?! F

Cecilia O (mx) wrote: a heartwrenching look at the effect of AIDS in Africa ... growing up there I was aware of the fact that this was a looming disaster. It's very tragic, but there are some people like MArion Cloete & others that work to make a difference.

Pretty P (kr) wrote: this looks interesting

Rua A (nl) wrote: Nice and light movie, it made me relax and also made me love flying :)..loved it ..

Adi D (mx) wrote: average. nothing new to see. you are able to calculate the plat before the climax..

Art S (de) wrote: Humid and languorous and set in a part of Japan where wild grasses grow and no one wears too many clothes. During the time of samurai warfare, two women kill lost warriors and sell their armor to buy food.. Stunning black and white cinematography lends drama to what is at its heart a simple folktale with a moralistic twist. Not truly a horror movie but it does have some genuine spookiness.

Isaac R (au) wrote: One of the most enthralling productions of Hamlet I've ever seen. I highly recommend it, this production is not just a film of a stage version it uses the medium of film to find new observations and storytelling opportunities inside the classic story.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Throwback film to the heyday of 1990s ultra violent Quentin Tarantino ripoffs. Like most of those films, the script is full of attempts at being quirky (D.L. Hughley plays an outspoken legless man), has several overlapping stories, and treats the very gory violence with a comedic touch. The basic story is that Paz Vega, a high end escort, has some incriminating evident that a group of disparate characters are all after. Besides Hughley and Vega, Christopher McDonald (Shooter from "Happy Gilmore) is probably the next most famous of actor in the film. What Tarantino does so well in his films is that he takes a story you've seen a hundred times before and makes it the best version of that story you've ever seen. Tarantino has a very unique voice in his films, but when other filmmakers try to ape that voice, it always comes off as a pale imitation. The best films that came out of the 1990s wave of crime films had their own voice ("Out of Sight," "The Usual Suspects," "Get Shorty," etc.) and were simply unconventional crime films. "Cat Run" is unmistakably a film that's trying to ape Tarantino and suffers for it. However, what the film lacks in originality, it does make up for in enthusiasm. Director John Stockwell gets a fair amount of credit for solid direction of the many action sequences and for keeping the film moving at a brisk pace. But I do have to say that Janet McTeer as a British assassin named Helen, who looks more like a librarian than skilled killer, steals the movie. Nothing brilliant here, but if you're in the mood for an okay Tarantino knockoff, like "Love and a .45" or "Smokin' Aces" you could do worse than this one.

Richard D (au) wrote: Voice work aside, isn't this easily the best film Tim Allen appeared in? I mean by a long shot. This is a pretty great film, and a lot of that has to do with the truly great ensemble cast, but Allen is good here ... quite good. It strikes me that there's a lot of wasted potential there. Watch for Sigourney Weaver's pretty obviously overdubbed "Well, fuck that!"

Ibrahim M (nl) wrote: George Miller succeeds with this film. Unlike Micheal Bay and the Transgormers series George Miller has clearly stated that he is able to make 4 films that are of the same series. This film is exiting and will keep you at the edge of yor seat the whole film. Though there is not much dialogue the film somehow manages to grasp you just by the story I'm not even going to talk about the crazy stutns. The cinematography and sound effects are Oscar worthy. Furiousa may be the main character the film is still about Max. The acting is superb. It's worth seeing in 3d. But to understand the film completely you should see the first three films.

Scott C (ag) wrote: It had an incredible cast and was fairly enjoyable, but being from 1932 it is quite dated and difficult to enjoy, when not watched in a historical context.