Dark Vengeance: Part 2

Dark Vengeance: Part 2


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Dark Vengeance: Part 2 torrent reviews

Dillon L (br) wrote: Good movie boring in parts

Nathan E (fr) wrote: Justin is solid but the whole story is a shambles.

Kace C (mx) wrote: The Kid with a Bike [Belgium, 2011] It is so genuinely beautiful, I just really have to cry. 10/10

ellen h (gb) wrote: fast det ar ingen rolig film.. tappade trorn pa mannskligheten

Rogerinho S (us) wrote: Introspective at best. Egotistic at worst. Enjoyed parts, while others meandered.

Vitor A (es) wrote: English Subs (for the Hearing Inpaired)2 Audio Layers (Movie + Director Comments)

Isaac B (nl) wrote: Can't go wrong with a heavy metal horror film!

Joey T (au) wrote: This is a very strange but great movie! I used to rent this movie quite often when I was a kid,

Angaholic (ag) wrote: Don't want to see it

Roy C (ru) wrote: Mind-stealing, negatively charged crabs rig dynamite to prevent survivors from escaping an island. The real unique thing about the film is that it directly implicates you in the expedition.

Garrett M (nl) wrote: Horridly dated, cheap, and boring. I have a soft spot for vintage science fiction, but this is not worthy of the time.

Collin P (us) wrote: One of the better DC animated movies with an action packed story, cool characters and an intriguing plot.

Antonios g (us) wrote: it better and the reviews

Carlos M (jp) wrote: I can't see anything appealing or satisfying in this revenge exploitation movie, and it looks cheap and ugly in basically every aspect: the subpar acting, poor direction (even the framing is awful), amateurish pacing and ridiculous deaths that don't justify all the violence that precedes them.

Kevin M W (us) wrote: Robert Altman's film about wartime Korea actually has very little to do with Korea and everything to do with the counterculture revolution, circa 1968 or so, going on in the good old U.S. of A. So its the squares against the hippies more or less, with the backdrop being the blood and guts of that nigh forgotten "police action" (that mainly presaged our other police actions all across the globe). Practically the best thing about this film is how, while capturing the zeitgeist of the times, the swing of the societal pendulum towards liberalism, it also predicted the fall of that same as well because none of the "cool" and "smart" guys actually have anything better to offer in terms of an answer to societal woes.