Dark Water

Dark Water

A woman in the midst of an unpleasant divorce moves to an eerie apartment building with her young daughter. The ceiling of their apartment has a dark and active leak.

A mother and her 6 year old daughter move into a creepy apartment whose every surface is permeated by water. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luca B (de) wrote: Fino ad ora il migliore della serie. Vederlo poi in lingua originale e sentire gli istruttori urlare yi, er, san,si, wu,liu... mi ha ricordato qualcosa. Per Roby: il vecchio il figlio pi anziano del vero Ip Man

Charles P (kr) wrote: The Band of Misfits is packed with clever moments and animated with consistent skill.

Godsif S (br) wrote: Hatchet 2 Review"Hatchet 2 is one of those fun over the top gory as hell horror movie. The movie presents to you ridiculous scenes and me personally I did not have a lot of problems with this movie. The acting is bad first of all, the story is cliche(did not bother me) and it's completely realistic. The deaths in this movie is basically mortal kombat's fatalities, there ridiculously gory and over the top. This is basically what this movie is. A group of people go into a swamp and they die extremely painfully and ridiculously but the director of this movie obviously knew what he was working with when he made this film. He knew it was a simple Plot and there are over the top deaths. That's what makes this film good! The director didn't oversell this movie, he did not try to impress or over judge the film. He simply made a movie that was only 1h and 23 min about a fun over the top slasher movie, he did not try to make it look realistic or make the story complex and suspenseful. Guys this director made a simple, fun, extremely gory slasher horror film and that's it, I was not disappointed in any way when watching this film because I knew what I was in for, guys if you like slasher movies that are gory, this is for you! I'll give it a (??????)out of (??????????)

Todd A (us) wrote: One of the weirder films you will see. CJ7 has a lot of heart and some big laughs but fails to put together a coherent story and rise above the childish potty gags.

Iain D (ca) wrote: Not rated by anyone on Flixster so I thought I'd be first at something. Never seen it or heard of it, so I'm not interested.

Matthew S (it) wrote: Ouch. Not for the faint hearted, but very good.

Frances K (br) wrote: I always revisit this film every few years thinking it must be better than I remember it being. It never is, but Robert Downey Jr.'s coked out eyes are always endearing in a really disappointing and pathetic sort of way.

Steve W (au) wrote: Don't bother Yes don't bother,unless...like me kissing a girl in the rain,tough talking in tough situations,duelling Bikers,great soundtrack,memorable lines,wonderful costumes,a hero rescuing the girl and endless other comic book scenes are your thing ! Not normally but a Cult Classic and a perfect Friday night film

Mark D (it) wrote: The first half of the movie has a brave purity in how it is soley about recreating a naval battle instead of telling a story, but then halfway through it tries to have it both ways and it lost me.

Mark G (es) wrote: A cool French film noir about a safe cracking heist. Theres a 32 min. sequence during the robbery thats' commited in total silence. Very cool!

Samir N (us) wrote: American Pie is an amalgamation of the worst 90's cliches. The humor relies on grossing-out the audience rather than providing any creative set-ups or jokes. You know what? Being a bad movie is fine, but the worst part is the message: it's completely confused, and the movie back-tracks on the message it TRIES to give. The movie, despite being Rated-R, is clearly geared towards kids similar to age as the kids in the movie. Most coming of age stories would have some sort of valuable lesson, but what does this movie give as a message? If you're a virgin in high school, you're a loser. Despite the fact that it TRIES to act like it's not the message in the movie with ONE bit of dialogue spewed from Jason Biggs' character, it doesn't act on the message at all! It even relies on the "liar revealed" cliche early in the movie, but the character is accepted with open-arms so quickly it might as well have not even BEEN in the movie. It fails as a comedy. It fails a coming-of-age story. It fails as a film overall. It represents the worst that the 90's had to offer for films, and given the films that came out around the same year, that says a LOT.

earl c (us) wrote: Directed by Babak Najafi , London has Fallen picks up after its predecessor Olympus Has Fallen (which was the wow-factor that I just adored !)but London mysteriously came with so bad reviews , particularly from a very popular well known movie web site, .............well, I am so very glad that I didn't fall for the nay-saying reviews from that site that were telling me that this film was going to be horrible .Because London Has Fallen ended up being a terrific, very entertaining movie. I have no earthly idea why the Rotten T reviewers were seeing or thinking when they walked from viewing this film and gave it a horrible review. ...Because Plain and Simple, they simply got it completely wrong on this one. While attending a worldwide known funeral for a murdered world leader that prompts the immediate attendance and presence of other world leaders, special services agent Mike Banning ( Gerard Butler) survives a brutal ambush only to discover a diabolical plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.Angela Bassett ( aka Lynne Jacobs: Secret Service Director) and Morgan Freeman (aka Vice President Trumbull) return in their respective roles. London has Fallen is a sequel that predictably repeats the another terrorist vs. hero act (which is one of the three very few nitpicking issues that I had with the film.) - as once again it repeats and involves saving and rescuing the US president Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) at one point - and that seems like It's basically been there- Done that. But if you think in about , it Ironically the set and scenario is very similar to the Die Hard series- ( terrorists and rescuingAlso the main villain notorious arms dealer Aamir Barkawi ( Alon Aboutboul) that is presented in London/Fallen isn't near as distinguished, unique and an upfront ruthless stand out as the 1st villain " Kang " (Rick Yune) from the original Olympus/ Fallen. In fact Aamir is seen only in spots as he employs his henchmen i.e. Kamran (Waleed Zuaiter) to be upfront and personal. And the film doesn't start out roaring as the first film did - nor did it have nearly the imaginative weaponry as the 1st " Fallen movie ( ( i.e. the white house roof- cannons) ,.. I was actually somewhat initially worried that it seems like it took it awhile to get going with the sentimental element, the introduction and development of the plot, funerals and world leaders conferences & meetings, the focusing reflection and direction of family and future life of secret service officer Mike Banning.(and by the way Banning is also back with his macho- smart-a-alic one-liners in even the tightest, darker moments in battle.) But after the first 15 minutes, ....the film just explodes in your face with an relentless, rolling, head-spinning action and adrenaline ,this is where you have to really set your eyes focused on what is about to happen, what IS happening because once the big bang effect comes out of nowhere ,because its' gonna be fast and furious .... Practically leaves you with a wow " impression.I heard other audience viewers around me with Wooo's and Wow's when you see what I call the 'Big Ambush'. It is going to go from one level of violent, speeding fight scene ( gunfire on foot) ....to another (car chase)...and another motor bike chase) ..and yet another ( copter-battle) .. and even so forth.It features brilliant strategies in where top surveillance is hacked , and undercover disguises make it very difficult times where you cannot tell the good guys from the bad guys, and also have you practically pondering how the good guys will escape and survive the ongoing onslaught and adversities that just keep coming at them in waves. It has very similar fast pace action, that includes battle strategies, rain-hailing gun-fire battles, race for survival, race for rescue, macho one-liners, rapid gunfire, head-shots and knife- stab fights, the graphic explosions - Even features crazy high speed car chases, Terrific stunt-work., fighting choreography and aerial copter fights and maneuvers, ..the strategic ground troop fights, ..some elements this film features were some that I cannot recall in the original - but overall as film with villains, plot and last minute rescue situations and originality, it is not quite on the level of Olympus has Fallen in a lot of those elements but I still did enjoyed very much and slightly under the first one. Don't believe the Tomato-hype - Go see it for yourself . (: On a Scale of 1 to 10, I'd give London Has Fallen a 8.0 ....and 3.5 Tomatoes

SarahMae B (us) wrote: Sad yes, amazing even more so!!!