Darkest Day

Darkest Day

Dan wakes up on a beach with no memory. He discovers an empty city ravaged by a deadly virus. After befriending a small group of survivors it soon becomes clear the army are hunting him down, and the group are forced on a dangerous journey to escape.

After a deadly virus is released, spreading world wide and wiping more than half the globe out, a group of survivors are forced on a dangerous journey to escape from a horde of bloodthirsty monsters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Darkest Day torrent reviews

Peyton M (nl) wrote: LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This movie gets a 4 1/2/10.

Michael J (au) wrote: pretty much the best aussie movie to date. Edgy cinematography, witty authentic dialogue and great performances. Lurve it

Bob W (jp) wrote: While Lancaster and Curtis go against type and play some of the most pitiful and despicable characters in their career, ironically I can't help but like their acting more here than perhaps any other characters they ever portrayed. This is a unique and possibly great film noir, with fantastic crisp dialogue, a great score, tension, intensity and pathos in every scene, and it really draws you in.

Remi C (it) wrote: great film watched last night

Virin R (it) wrote: Perhaps the negativity of the lack of recognition for S. Ramanujan, a mathematical savant, by Trinity College was downplayed in this film. However, Patel's performance lifts the film, which itself deserves more recognition.