A reporter investigates ritual profanations and finds himself involved with a Druidic cult.

A newspaper reporter is lured into a mire of pagan rituals and human sacrifice. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darklands torrent reviews

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Well played revenge Western, the humor is a refreshing spin. Doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it tells its story well. West proves he isn't a one trick pony and shouldn't be typecast.

Lanky Man P (mx) wrote: Not much for originality, but it still shapes up to be a decent horror film.

Helen E (de) wrote: Not really usually my sort of thing. I love thrillers but not ones that include apparitions. However i'm a Fairuza Balk fan so thought I would give it a go and it wasn't all that bad. I liked the storyline and the scenery was beautiful, the score was good too (albeit not very fitting!) but I just really don't like the whole spirit thing, it's not my cup of tea. It's worth a watch for fans of those types of films though, it's not a mainstream one so I expect it would be a bit of a little gem.

Richard A (kr) wrote: Hmm... Not bad. Actually, the idea was quite good, but somehow with the detective-wanna-be priest, this is strange. Some parts are quite thrilling actually, which were the only interesting parts of the movie. Worth watching only if you don't have any other dvd to watch.


Joetaeb D (ru) wrote: With unintentionally disturbing CGI effects and a lack of fun and Jim Carrey that helped the original. Son of the mask must not be connected or mentioned with the mask AT ALL.

Astelix F (ca) wrote: A pretentious fancier but boring Total Recall. I'm not sorry at all for the big spoiler, because I did it just to save those who have seen Total Recall to be disappointed at the end of this flick and also, it won't be a spoiler for those who ain't seen Total Recall, that perhaps could be even amused by watching Cypher.

Greg P (ru) wrote: This movie is a prequel to the original Cruel Intentions but in many ways it seems like a remake as it largely parallels the first movie. The acting is ok (what you would expect from a release like this). It was nice seeing Amy Adams, who I love, in an early role where she isn't so happy and nice.

Otageemeur L (au) wrote: I was quite surprised by the movie. Even if the beginning of the movie was very clich (C), the more the movie advanced and the more I liked it. What I did truly like in the movie is the very simple and yet elegant narrative, full of emotion. I was touched by most of the scenes, despite their simpleness and I adored the finale (the moment where everybody is dancing...).

Justin R (es) wrote: Charming musical with solid dance sequences and some decent comedy.

Andrew S (de) wrote: A little known but absolutely brilliant movie and my fave ever.It's a beautifully told, simply story whose depth and beauty comes from the fact that this is a simple tail, VERY well told and VERY well acted (mainly by youngsters).

Jim S (de) wrote: What do you get when you take a bizaare script, some over the top acting and directing, some really bad editing and a big bucket of blood and guts? You get this undercooked piece of crap masquerading as combination horror flick/western with a lot of tongue in cheek sequences, so to speak. Give this one a wide bearth.