Darkness in the Light

Darkness in the Light

A middle-aged salaryman with a typical family, living quietly in a provincial city (Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture), wakes up one morning in the summer of 1994 to find himself the prime suspect in the biggest mass-murder case of the decade.

A middle-aged salaryman with a typical family, living quietly in a provincial city (Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture), wakes up one morning in the summer of 1994 to find himself the prime suspect in the biggest mass-murder case of the decade. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shuo L (ru) wrote: another 'Anatomy of Hell'

Robert S (ca) wrote: More junk scare you science

Wiki S (br) wrote: afresh change from the last three episode, better storey , more suspense / action and a newer specie with an aim to change

Grant T (kr) wrote: the only good thing about this movie was Tom Cavanaugh and the nurse

Amanda (de) wrote: A beautiful, if not, powerful Dutch film. It tells a story of simple resistance during WWII, and the monstrosities that can result from it by the people surrounding them. The acting was strong, and indefinitely great. The performance of lead, Martijn Lakemeier was wonderful. I kind of enjoyed the coldness of the cinematography. A film full of emotion--betrayal, hope, anxiety, sadness, but also with a pleasant story, I suppose. Overall, I thought it was thrilling throughout and enjoyed it.

Alan R (gb) wrote: ok remake of the pasifier

Greg D (nl) wrote: Interesting and quite entertaining real life story about Bobby Darin and his marriage to Sandra Dee. Great performance from Spacey uncovering some real versatility and a hidden talent for the song and dance genre

James O (es) wrote: Some of the acting and the could hardly be more corny but I'm a sucker for a Western and the old mercenary tale. Just a typical Western with a lot of shooting and death but quite pacy and easy to watch. Not a classic by any stretch but decent entertainment. This is where Willis hones his Sin City character in a dust swept gunslinger town.

Emod L (us) wrote: 37%Sappy and unrealistic, Powder squanders its premise with syrupy qualities and tired cliches.

Amy M (it) wrote: Classic! My brother and I watched this so many times growing up. I just rediscovered it on TV today.

Kevin M (au) wrote: "Big Bad Mama" is a heapin' helpin' of sleaze, Southern style, made to order for undiscriminating audiences at drive-ins by our friend Roger Corman. This would be an unremarkable knockoff of "Bonnie and Clyde" by way of his own "Bloody Mama" if not for the grand buffet of ham acting on display here, garnished with one of the shoddiest screenplays Corman ever produced. Witness the jaw-dropping scene where Angie Dickinson interrupts the shotgun marriage of her knocked-up daughter Robbie Lee (Lace in "Switchblade Sisters", without her annoying accent), which culminates with the preacher screaming "That's Goddamn blasphemy!!" With her other daughter Susan Sennett (Candy in "The Candy Snatchers") at the wheel of a stolen car, they immediately embark on a crime spree in 1930s Texas. For no reason other than the story demands it. There is a hilarious bank robbery, which is interrupted by Tom Skerritt and a nameless friend, who also have designs on the bank. Shucks! The punchline comes after the horrific bullet-riddled carnage, where Skerritt's buddy gets a pizza-sized hole blown in his chest and Skerritt ventilates a handful of cops with his Thompson. Then he proceeds to casually banter with the women before honing in, with the fluid grace of a 1970s swinger, on Ms. Dickinson and her twins. He also hones in on her two daughters (who aren't twins), who close this scene by giggling like girls at a middle school dance. No mention of the death defying pursuit, no discussions about cash dispersal and certainly no mentions of Skerritt's forever nameless buckshot-riddled former partner in crime. From here on out it's much sexy time, and when William Shatner comes in for his easy paycheck gig, the plot of "Big Bad Mama" has less to do with crime and more to do with who's shagging who at which moment in time, for which reason. Also some period cars flip over at speeds that sometimes exceed 20 mph. Look, this is cheap gutter slime passing for celluloid. You knew that the moment you saw Corman's name on the screen. "Big Bad Mama" delivers the requisite amounts of wanton crime, juicy blood squibs and T&A in an episodic fashion. Perfect if you're an intoxicated patron of a drive-in theater, perhaps seeing this as part of a triple or quadruple feature. For discriminating viewers, there is nothing to recommend here.

Nathan R (fr) wrote: Williard is a clever little horror movie that's worth the watch if your a fan of the genre. This movie gets three stars strictly on the fact that Crispin Glover IS this movie, without him it would be unbearable. The movie was a cult classic in the 1970's and this remake doesn't fall to far from that tree.

Private U (ca) wrote: After doing this Musical I just had to see it. They changed too much of the music without really having a reason to and it's such an absurd idea that it really just doesn't translate over very well.

Ted W (kr) wrote: Finally got around to watching this after more than 30 years. Not bad, a pleasant waste of time with some great set pieces, but as a whole it doesn't hold together well. The highlight is the 7 brides for 7 brothers brawl at the USO. Spielberg had mentioned wanting to make a musical and I welcome that idea.