Michelle kills three of her friends in a horrific car accident while driving under the influence. After rehab, Michelle takes a job recommended by her counselor that lands her trapped in a mansion with three psychotic siblings hell bent on physical torture to purge Michelle of her sins.

After a deadly car accident with three victims, the traumatized Michelle is sent to a group therapy with Rachel. Michelle takes a job recommended by Rachel at the company called "Darkroom Inc." and then she learns that she is trapped in a mansion with three psychotic siblings hell bent on purging Michelle of her sins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allen B (it) wrote: Decent, occasionally scary doc made good due to its interesting alarmist subject matter, and rightly so, probably. The editing is kind of all over the place, though, and some transitions/visual metaphors are ham-fisted or don't otherwise make sense. Old footage of Oppenheimer talking into the camera about his creation are some of the most chilling; he has such a unique look, and his eyes are so cold and off-putting, and the stuff he says, man. Scary. See it.

Dante R (de) wrote: The Boxtrolls tiene una buena idea de base, un diseo de personajes bastante pasable pero el guion es lo mas flojito de sta historia.

Lester Y (ru) wrote: I feel kinda bad giving this a rating since I really think I should see it again. Not only did I watch it over the course of one week in small intervals, but I wasn't quite ready for a film with a style that was so out of the ordinary, and it totally caught me off guard.Essentially, Syndromes & A Century is a Thai avant-garde film with a tiny speck of what resembles a narrative. It recalls the director's, we'll call him Joe from here on out, parents who were both doctors and it's two love stories told with similar dialogue and characters occurring in completely separate universes, from the lush rural countryside to the elegant plainness of what looks like a medical center. In this film, Joe enjoys calm and distance, a mode rarely portrayed well in film particularly in cultures such as ours. Like watching a moving painting, the camera stays static and stays at a respectful distance, letting the natural dialogue flow and, in a way, keeping the audience emotionally distant from these "characters". The shots of the grassy plains of the rural area and the sterilized feel of the hospitals in the urban area are both equally stunning. An amazing consistency, beauty, and commitment to this specific tone is what made this movie worth watching to me despite being so confused. I was glad that there was no explanation to what is happening, because it doesn't really matter.

Kevin M (br) wrote: It was so badly made that it turns into a comedy. My girlfriend and I were just laughing hysterically throughout the whole film. There was no way we could take it seriously!

Veronica (mx) wrote: Very funny, and surprising for an Australian film because it doesn't feel dry in the mouth, you know what I mean? Good casting, interesting story. Keep an eye out for Michael James Rowland as a director and writer I can totally appreciate his art.

luke v (fr) wrote: a really lame sequel it's boring, it has bad characters, bad script and story and, but just like them all very good effects and it's just a bad horror movie and you can totally skip this one.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Major League is one of those films that are about to be expired from Netflix that I need to watch. Everyone talked about how good it is which I wondered why. So when I finished the movie, I figured out why, it's actually really funny. It also got characters that people are going to remember, and the baseball scenes itself, are really exciting to watch. That doesn't mean that it's original, I seen something like this before and know how it's going to end. But it goes through a journey with funny actors and lots of funny moments, even if there was some stuff that weren't that funny. It's not one of the best baseball movies I have ever seen, but it is one of the funniest.

Joey T (gb) wrote: This is the best movie that I've seen so far in the Toxie's Triple Terror series! It is in the volume 6 set. Great atmosphere and special effects for a low budget horror film.

TC BernaLevent (ru) wrote: I watch the f?lm , one the worse f?lm ever even the people can't speak turk?sh ?t ?s seru?sly bull sh?t f?lm. I can't bele?ve th?s

Ted W (gb) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this one, solid performances by a veteran cast, only the ending rings false.

Andy F (de) wrote: Brilliantly shot and with a stunning Morricone soundtrack, this film is from 1967 not as shown above. An atmospheric spaghetti western even if the story itself is pretty forgettable.

fuk e (kr) wrote: ??? ???????? ?????, ?????, ??? ??????? ? ????????? ???????

John L (us) wrote: Great drama about workplace politics. Everett Sloane is unremitting as the vicious boss who hounds his subordinate (Ed Begley) to force him to resign. Van Heflin's character is caught in the middle, and Beatrice Straight is excellent as his wife, a sort of 50s version of Lady Macbeth. Taut script by Rod Serling.

Shantell H (fr) wrote: I saw it at a screening recently and Paprika's performance was absolutely phenomenal. It is a really good movie.

Jonathan S (mx) wrote: Nobody did historical situational humor, inventive slapstick, and hilarious stuntwork like Buster Keaton.

Jon C (jp) wrote: a small Canadian bottle film that works so impressivelylow-budget movie that may have inspired what would be the 'Saw' franchise involving some strangers waking up in a prison with no idea what is happeningthe Cube itself is an ingenious death trap rotating in many cycles with a different way of killing its human lab ratsa large cast of unknown players play well to the claustrophobia and paranoia of this smart, taut thrillerasks great questions of experimentation and curiosity; is there a point at all cause no one else is doing something never done before like this Rubik's cube or is complete ignorance the safer route?

Kai T (us) wrote: Totally my favorite Harry Potter film!

Adam B (us) wrote: Quite possibly one of the best comedies ever made... Period.

Christian S (kr) wrote: Bon film fantastique mme si on ne sait d'o viennent ses cornes et ses dons.

Andr D (jp) wrote: La pelcula australiana "Last Cab To Darwin", dirigida por Jeremy Sims ("Beneath Hill 60"), es otra cinta ms que aborda el tema de la eutanasia (algo que en los ltimos aos se ha convertido en una constante dentro del cine independiente y europeo: "Chronic", "Corazn Silencioso", "La ltima Leccin", "Amor por Sorpresa" son algunos ejemplos). En clave de road movie, "Last Cab to Darwin" nos cuenta la historia de Rex, un taxista que nunca ha salido de su pueblo natal (un excelente Michael Caton) y quien al enterarse de tener un cncer de estmago terminal, decide emprender un largo viaje en su taxi para conocer a una doctora que tiene una "mquina de la muerte" que puede hacer que Rex tenga una muerte digna y sin dolor (la doctora es interpretada por la actriz Jacki Weaver protagonista de la magnfica cinta "Animal Kingdom"). A lo largo de su viaje, Rex se encuentra con un rbol lleno de gatos despellejados, a un nativo sinvergenza que le dio la espalda a un futuro promisorio como jugador de Rugby (Mark Coles Smith) y a una mesera que le dio la espalda a un futuro promisorio como enfermera (Emma Hamilton). El mismo Rex le ha dado la espalda tanto a la vida como a sus amigos y a su vecina Polly, una nativa que siente mucho afecto por el taxista grun (encarnada por la excelente Ningali Lawford). "Last Cab To Darwin" puede pecar de exceso de metraje, pero es una cinta que nos recuerda que la eutanasia es una opcin y una decisin, no algo inevitable, ya que lo nico inevitable es la muerte.