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Darling Darling


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James L (es) wrote: Not shouty, not showy, the film speaks for itself in terms of the political point it makes. Humanistic, with the despair laid bear for everyone to see.

Beth B (de) wrote: really interesting...quirky guys though.....

Brad S (br) wrote: Thought provoking and interesting throughout it's entire 90-minute length. It brings up a very relevant and current conversation that everyone should be having.

Nicholas I (ru) wrote: In line with other Friedberg-Seltzer movies, it contains no laughs, rips off other popular films, and terribly written jokes. With the acting, direction and writing being the worst.... This film in one word is: HORRENDOUS

Aaron S (it) wrote: Xavier Dolan needs to stop (but not really).

Dan M (jp) wrote: Incredible documentary. It really appears that there is a conspiracy to keep us addicted to oil. But it's not all the oil companies and car companies fault. Definitely one to check out.

Joleene N (ca) wrote: what happened to the mother's boyfriend? why does no one care? otherwise a good flick.

Stewie G (au) wrote: While watching a film like this, with wildly far fetched situations leading to inevitable gory death, it's important to keep in mind that this film is only trying to pull off one thing; Which would be to convince its viewers that, when something that wasn't supposed to happen happens, life somehow corrects itself. Otherwise, the viewer would laugh at the film's stupidity and unrealisticness.However, "Final Destination 3" really isn't that far fetched or stupid by any means, when you think about it. It's simple... A few teens are about to unknowingly cause their own deaths by going onto a broken roller coaster. But, one of the teens freak out, causing half of the riders to get off of the coaster. Then, one by one, each of the teens who left the ride somehow inevitably die anyway, unless something or someone intervenes. So, obviously, the film is about defying death at any cost, which, in turn, makes up for the wildly far fetched scenarios that cause each teen to die, because death is apparently inevitable and will occur in any ridiculous way it has to.Therefore, "Final Destination 3" is not nearly as bad as it seems. But, its still far from great. Things like characters, consequences, odd coincidences are a huge part of why this movie didn't turn out to be something great. Lastly, the biggest of problems here is its unoriginality, as this film is pretty pointless and an imitation of its predecessors.

Jochy R (br) wrote: Buena historia que demuestra como mujeres de generaciones diferentes logran un despertar sexual.

Rich R (fr) wrote: Absolute classic, even after all this time :)

Ben R (fr) wrote: This was pretty much an excuse to play a bunch of 70s glam rock, and make little music videos while trying to form a uneven,somewhat boring storyline. This reminded of me of Queen Of The Damned in some parts with the somewhat shitty remakes of decent songs. Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor were good here for what they were given for roles but I know they are capable of much better. Tony Collette is annoying here and Eddie Izzard plays a sleeze bag perfectly. If you're a fan of 70's glam rock,you'll get some miles out of this.

John C (mx) wrote: Starts off strong in the first half hour. It gradually began to lose me over the rest of the film. What kept me involved, if not engaged, was Kinski's performance and the amazing visuals that Herzog always seem to capture.

Ilyas B (nl) wrote: best of best movies making a mixture of comedy with a trendy tale like it

Hannah D (us) wrote: This is a very sweet romance which reminded me a little bit of Brief Encounter. My favourite scene is of Lisa and Stefan at the fairground on the train as it passes paintings of scenery. Joan Fontaine's character is very likeable and you sympathise with her when she is told by her mother that they are to move away from the object of her affections.

Nate T (ca) wrote: The most mainstream Polanski film up to 1974. A multi-layered film noire with great performances and masterful direction. The film prominently displays Polanski's signature themes. Originally, the first of an intended trilogy of film. Only one sequel was made though. Followed by the sequel: The Two Jakes (1991), which was directed by Jack Nicholson in place of Polanski. This should be a part of The Criterion Collection and is available on Blu-ray in the US.

Scott R (it) wrote: something is just off enough to keep it from being a great film. it has you for a while but cant quite nail the landing.

Shannon R (ca) wrote: Rom coms these days are already basically parodies of the genre anyways. So this spoof, although sometimes funny, mostly just falls flat. It doesn't quite do enough to make it different.

Vincent T (fr) wrote: Un film sur l'enfer et le paradis a la facon americaine un peu trop mielleux a mon gout mais Robin Williams y est formidable et il est difficile de ne pas lacher quelques larmes