Darmiyaan: In Between

Darmiyaan: In Between

The saga of Mazhuddin Khan alias Immi, born in 1939 in Bombay, British India, as a eunuch, whose mother, Zeenat, in denial that she has sired him, refers to him as her younger brother. She ...

The saga of Mazhuddin Khan alias Immi, born in 1939 in Bombay, British India, as a eunuch, whose mother, Zeenat, in denial that she has sired him, refers to him as her younger brother. She ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (nl) wrote: A very lovely movie about relationships - it seems to happen organically. great premise, one of my favorites - I was charmed by all the characters.

Manny A (kr) wrote: Hopethis doesn't come off wrong, but it's about time they bring out a Hispanic Christmas Movie I know it may sound funny but it's true. A Great Funny, Inspirational, Tradition, Celebrating The Holiday that sends the most message of all. Great Flick with alot of great Hispanics Actors.

Joshua I (fr) wrote: [center]:rotten: First Let me say, Was this a low production movie or what? [/center] [center]I don't mind low production movie's one bit, But when you see a shark that's moving so weird and wonky that it almost makes you laugh instead of getting scared, there's defiantly going to be some low ratings coming their way.[/center] [center]The cast are pretty decent "Well some of them" The main actor John Schneider is really good in it, in fact in my opinion which some what saved it was his performance, Daryl Hannah's Performance on the other hand was one of the worst, It actually looked like she was trying to act, On occasion's she make a facial expression or made me believe it was really happening, But usually it was just a very bad performance.[/center] [center][b]==SPOILER WARNING==[/b][/center] [center]The Storyline itself was pretty weird also, I won't get into it very much, But the ending where they all use them Pulse Gun's which some how scare them away for good, Now the thing is, if you watch the whole movie, nothing was stopping them, How can a little pulse gun literally make them disappear? Wouldn't you expect them to come back an hour or so later? Well they didn't.[/center] [center]Now RIGHT at the end, where you clearly see 2 sharks swim over the top, but it turns out to just be sting rays, I felt that was quite pathetic, I know a lot of movie's make something look like something else so you get shocked a little bit, But they don't usually show you a whole entire different animal, they just show a shape which could be either, And when the shark shadows magically turned into fat round sting rey's i just knew i wouldn't be watching this movie twice.[/center] [center][b]==END OF SPOILER==[/b][/center] [center]The movie itself if you do not want to watch a serious movie is pretty decent, There's a couple of small laughs, And a lot of shark killings, But would i watch this a second time? No way in hell. :rotten: [/center] [center]== My Rating ==[/center] [center]:down: 48/100 :down: - A Thumb's down performance.[/center]

Robert I (gb) wrote: Whereas last time was about Time Travel, this misadventure is about Body Snatching and Not-Really-Killer-Robots! More fun. Much more fun. The reviews for this aren't as good as "Bender's Big Score" I think because there's not really any convoluted plot twists this time out. One twist is the lack of a threat the Body Snatcher actually is, which I like much more. ^_^

Rylieeee (us) wrote: very silent and boring movie.. it just ended for the sake of ending it..

emilio g (mx) wrote: ain't seen it just thought it sounded good

Cameren L (mx) wrote: Even the purple scratches on the print I saw (how the hell do you manage that on a B&W film?) couldn't stain this masterpiece.

Amber F (it) wrote: David Arquette gave a great performance as a street hustler trying to make it on the boulevard.i enjoyed this not for everyone's taste but worth watching if u like that sort of thing.

Caleigh H (gb) wrote: Steve Martin, need I say more?

Scott C (jp) wrote: This was soooo powerful! Damn!

Sanford R (fr) wrote: Could do without for the time being

Jeffrey E (jp) wrote: Great set of horror stories. the best one in my opinion is the lake. Few of the site not as strong. Still worth watching. If you like old school horror movies you will enjoy this movie.

Stephen A (mx) wrote: OK, this is kind of an awesome little 60s gem here. Astronauts sent to explore a newly-discovered planet must deal with several dilemmas, and they do so intelligently. The film approaches it's main plot theme in a unique way, and unfolds it gradually, though it can be guessed beforehand. The acting is very good, though sometimes stiff, as some late-60s acting can be. It can also be somewhat wordy and even melodramatic, especially after the plot theme reveals itself. Visually, it has a scene that resembles one in the previous year's "2001: A Space Odyssey", and that tends to date the movie. Some of the actors went on to star in the 1970 TV show "UFO," which is delightfully campy and worth checking out on DVD. Despite these small points, the space flight itself is realistic, and considering this was 1969, the scenes inside the cockpit of the spacecraft also had a realistic look. (Look for some 21st Century video technology in use, too!) One thing: I suspect a love scene has been cut, but I can't prove it. It would have been a distraction anyway. Unlike most Sci-Fi films, this film will make you think about the plot, and that's well worth a look. I'm pleased to have this film in my video library.

Gregory W (mx) wrote: one of the last from hawks as he hits the race track in yet another take on auto racing.

Gennaro C (br) wrote: I watched this movie for the first time during the past Xmas vacation with my Brian. I watched because outside was pouring and I did not have any other choice, but I was so glad that I stayed home to watch it!!

Panda B (es) wrote: Extremely cool and exciting, a little random at times but easily forgiven when a step is taken back.

Benjamin O (ca) wrote: Compellingly watchable.

Frank X (it) wrote: One of the examples were 'professional' critics simply err: This movie is much better than their ideas. Of course you need to like a drama, but if you do you will be well entertained and at times heartbreakingly taken away by the storyline. You also do neither have to be a Christian nor otherwise religious to like this movie.