Darmozjad polski

Darmozjad polski

A slice of life type movie. A main plot goes around showing common behavior and psychological portraits of inhabitants of a typical little town in Poland.

A slice of life type movie. A main plot goes around showing common behavior and psychological portraits of inhabitants of a typical little town in Poland. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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javier l (fr) wrote: makes me wanna go to vegas

James M (nl) wrote: A few interesting visuals doesn't really save this from being rather bland. It was a well-enough constructed film, but never arrives at any point, or tells the viewer much. All in all a semi-decent brain dead French popcorn movie, and, admittedly, a pretty good midnight flick.

Sophia Q (br) wrote: While this may not be Madhur Bhandarkar's best work, it's still a highly gripping movie. I won't lie - it took me three days to finish this movie due to how depressing and grim the storyline was. Even so, I can't deny that the message sent out by this film is powerful: Not everyone behind bars is guilty and they have the right to live their lives as much as we do. Neil Nitin Mukesh did a very good job. It's another thing that he wasn't given a lot of emotion to work with.....grim, stoic, depressed.....he pulled it off well. Mughda was good and worked with what she was given - it wasn't a lot, but she was a natural. Arya Babbar impressed. He showed spark that he hasn't shown previously. Manoj Bajpai was one hell of a likable character and really made you feel for him. Rahul Singh really made an impact as Ehsaan, especially in the scene where he confronts his wife.The movie brought tears to my eyes and I think that says a lot about the acting, direction and the overall impact.

Benjamin F (de) wrote: Walk the Line captures Johnny Cash's story well. It remains heart breaking and heart warming at the same time. Witherspoon's and Pheonix's acting is Oscar worthy for sure.

Carl M (jp) wrote: Enjoyable flick, different view of Dracula and gives a bit of background story to Vlad.

Macgyver G (ca) wrote: Excellent and just as amazing as the first movie..

Amy S (it) wrote: I saw it when it first came out, but I think I might appreciate it more now, oddly enough.

Sean D (fr) wrote: Loved it. No plot. Fun high school film. Not so traditional. A couple romance angles. Fun plot about your regular group of stereotypes and the girl who you would think is the shy girl but wasn't at all. And crazy enough got pregnant. It's a lot of fun, it's a very good high school film with no particular point but about differnt age groups in different grades trying to make it through a year of high school.

Conrad M (br) wrote: Crikey. David Tenant gives an awful lifeless performance. Patrick Stewart gives a solid performance of Claudius, though this cannot save it.

Jorban J (kr) wrote: Exactly what a movie like this should be: full of cliches, bullets, and fast talkin'.

Carol M (ru) wrote: I could deal with the horrible acting, lack of a plot, or 5th grade script, but it's the misogynistic undertones that make it a complete thumbs down when the leading lady is either jumping from bed to bed or being slapped around for sport.

Yash B (it) wrote: One of my Jack Black favorites. It is a lot of fun and a unique movie. I enjoyed the music in it and the story is great. It is funny and unique. If you're a fan of Jack Black, it isn't one to miss. An excellent movie that is great for a wide variety of audiences.

Mauricio V (kr) wrote: Fine to watch it on a sunday afternoon, when you have time to spare. Not more than that.