Darr @ the Mall

Darr @ the Mall

Darr @ The Mall is a spine chilling tale of one night and an encounter with the past.

A newly recruited security guard must work to stop a supernatural threat, during the inaugural party of Asia'a largest shopping mall. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Darr @ the Mall torrent reviews

Steve W (ca) wrote: Tiresome and dull at times but watchable. I wouldn't watch it again though.

Renato M (fr) wrote: the crapiest movie all time

Kelly K (es) wrote: A beautiful and intriguing film that proves to be quite powerful in it's simplicity.

WALKING DEAD F (br) wrote: This movie cracks me up. I love it Lol

Tehl B (mx) wrote: I don't know why I've put off seeing this for so long, it's absolutely awesome. The pacing of this movie makes the 2:30 run time feel short and in the end I was ready to keep watching more. From super fun and light-hearted to dark and extremely tense this movie runs the gamut of emotion.

andee d (de) wrote: My most cherished memory as a child is watching this. People might complain about it's supposedly bleak themes and in part they are validated but the friendship between the two protagonists is so touching and heartfelt, even right up to the tragic end that it papers over the dark themes that people find upsetting. Life is hard and a struggle. Surely our own experiences tell us this and that's what makes this special for me.

Greg S (fr) wrote: Bela Lugosi is driven murderously insane by the memory of his unfaithful wife. Typically ridiculous Monogram script in which corpses briefly return to life and no explanation if offered for Lugosi's dementia, but otherwise well made and fun for Lugosi fans.

Paul Z (es) wrote: Karl Freund's cutting-edge cinematography can still make the eyes pop in this purely visual film. So purely visual that there are no intertitles in this film. And yet we're never unsure of what's happening in this keen, original picture which, though it's fifteen minutes too long, is a momentous piece of direction by the ingenious F.W. Murnau, with finely detailed lighting effects, featuring a crack performance by Emil Jannings, who would become the first Best Actor Oscar winner.

Darren B (us) wrote: Seth (Family Guy) MacFarlane was awesome in this!! Not only was he awesome but the whole movie was hilarious (despite a few mild gross out moments). Not sure why it got savaged by the critics but totally worth checking out for a few laughs!!

Andrea O (us) wrote: i dont like 50 cents movies but this one was awsome......Robert Dinero and Forest Whitaker???? good combo......the new Training Day

Ryan E (jp) wrote: Feb 19, 2015Orchard HillMichael bredewegScott burden