Dårskapens hus

Dårskapens hus

During excavations in Stockholm in 2248, old film footage from the 1940s is found. The Research Group for Ancient Films tries to arrange the finds into a movie, while guessing the original director's intentions.

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Sayer F (us) wrote: This is one of the worst movies ever. I couldn't even get through the whole thing. Way too long and horribly acted/scripted/directed, The Postman is just an embarrassment, even if some of it is unintentionally hilarious.

AD V (nl) wrote: Moron characters that you care about anyway a few minutes before they die, inventive kills, a high gory body count and a demented killer in the form of Crispin Glover. THIS is how you make an entertaing slasher movie.

kan T (us) wrote: gayet basit bir dille, sakin sakin, birsey ispatlamaya calismadan kucuk bir "yasamdan kesit" sunmuslar... bence ho olmus... isminden kaynaklanan o muzir beklentinin karsiliksiz kalacaginida soylemem gerek :D

Anna L (fr) wrote: Great work from Scott and Eisenberg.

lem G (au) wrote: Such a dramatic ending scene!!!

Nick L (it) wrote: The Perfect movie for the MTV generation. Fast paced, characters doing interesting things, quick cuts and a plot that makes sense.

Jairo A (br) wrote: Spy Hard has some really funny parts and then some parts with bad acting...and though Leslie Nielsen does a really good job, I can't say the same about the others. It's still worth to watch just for Nielsen and for some funny parts. AVERAGE, 2.5/5 or 5/10

Bethie W (ru) wrote: rutger hauer is great in this...if you like low budget sci-fi this is for you

Kate L (au) wrote: This movie's pretty funny, but very cheesy.

Robert P (us) wrote: Script is preposterous and the acting is wooden, but still an enjoyable romp

Private U (br) wrote: Also known as "Saigon".

Jobin B (jp) wrote: started nice, then turned boring

Bharath K (au) wrote: it all looks f***** up!ill take one!

O S (mx) wrote: This is one of the few.

David B (de) wrote: Though the concept is good, if done a few times...I found this really boring. It tried being Battle Royale but fails. All the characters were dull and lifeless this being ironic as they are killed off and almost in the same ways. I didn't care for the characters and was let down by an awful script. Some action scenes were pretty neat but the ending was very predictable. Waste of time and their are better uses of this concept out there. I'll admit that Vinnie Jones was the best thing about it...so what does that tell you?

Rinnah A (gb) wrote: One of the few chick flicks I love. Of course, all thanks to ravishing Brittany!