A revisionist biopic on Charles Darwin, illustrated via 18 tableaux covering details from Darwin's birth, his defining voyage on the HMS Beagle, the publication of his seminal Theory of Evolution and his ultimate death and consequent burial at Westminster Abbey.

A revisionist biopic on Charles Darwin, illustrated via 18 tableaux covering details from Darwin's birth, his defining voyage on the HMS Beagle, the publication of his seminal Theory of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panta O (it) wrote: One of the annoying things about Rotten Tomatoes is that is always TOO SLOW entering good non-English speaking movies on the list (try to find Sayonara Itsuka - one of the best movies this year - and the editors will wonder if that is a name for a sushi roll). I had to put the review of this movie initially on the blog (on Serbian) and at that time I wrote that this Indian tragic-comedy, not typically Bolywood shows a potential... Very shy Amar (Vinay Pathak) turns his life upside down earning that he has only three months to live! He sales into life to fulfil every wish he ever had... actually he starts making list of those wishes! 166 minutes of the movie were more then enough for all of the wishes - the title is Russian... I'll just mention that in the movie you'll find a "professional" (adorable) Russian girl who probably help the director with the title... you put the dots together! If you want to relax, don't expect too much, and have plenty of time, enjoy this movie with Vinay Pathak and Sarita Joshi under the directorship of Shushing Shah...

Mikael K (es) wrote: A sympathetic and thought provoking, if a bit tedious drama about a somewhat retarted man who developes a crush on a young woman in a small Polish village. The film is shot on video and it shows; there's a very amateurish feel to the action, even though director Jerzy Skolimowski has a very impressive track record. ??Four Nights with Anna?? is his first work after a long break, which might explain the apparent lack of directorial confidence.Still I think that the movie has a lot going for it: it's wise and deeply humane in its simplicity, and many of the scenes contain a certain primitive beauty that breath life into the thing. Definitely a flick I can recommend, although not nearly as accomplished as the promising premise would have suggested.

Fong K (br) wrote: Yet another Pedro Almodvar's masterpiece. A very engrossing bizarro fiction with a disturbing twist and elements of horror, sex and hysteria mashed up in vivid cinematography.

Arslan K (jp) wrote: Ryan you creep get out of my flixster...jeez get a life you weirdo!

Elaine A (de) wrote: I saw this movie on tv 2yrs ago on a sleepless night.while "surfing".. I found it fascinating. Again on a night I did not want to read I flicked and found this movie again. I didn't remember the title but once it began I recalled it. "Going to bed I thought" but it "hooked" me. I'm a Christian but I found the message of this movie ecumenical. Dealing with anger, needing to belong/be accepted, wanting the best of yourself etc etc.The universal human condition. I know that a lemon is a lemon but we love symbols - how else to express ourselves in our searching/reaching out. I sat in the bushes and related to Moshe as he anguished in his struggle. I'm an Aussie - couldn't be further away (distance and culture)- and I believe that you have "a desert rose" that blooms every?? An encouraging movie. Thanks - eat your tomatoes! Elaine

intuciic (es) wrote: strange and interesting

Joseph H (us) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Steve B (au) wrote: A movie that makes you think and allows your thoughts for a second to be put in the same place as Harrelson's character. Could you live with the idea that your loving partner who is soley yours was with someone else for a night? Despite the amount of money, is it something that a couple could do? The movie does have a loving core to it, starting out with photos, the loving looks and smiles they both give and 'the early days of the two.' Tears and fights follow and eventually a split once the night has been done with and forgotten about. Towards the end scenes the two drop to basics and remember as well as dig deep to the love they both really do still feel. An original idea and nicely slipped into as an overwhelming proposal as the couple are pretty much dead broke within the story. I just hope I don't have to make my mind up in that scenario!

John K (fr) wrote: A sluggish 70's B-movie about a small southern town under siege by bloodthirsty, carnivorous worms. An out of towner and a cute redhead investigate the mystery which crawls by at a snail's, er... worm's pace. The first interesting thing doesn't happen until the half way point when the worms finally begin to attack and burrow themselves into the skin of the locals, creep out of shower heads, eat people down to the bones, etc. The effects are actually very well done initially, but it eventually settles for shot after shot of huge masses of worms spilling out holes, ceilings, etc. There's something inherently funny about people running in terror from a bunch worms which makes the last 20 mins of this one pretty amusing. After the slow-as-hell beginning, Squirm ends up being a fairly watchable monster flick.

Margaret A (es) wrote: I missed watching movies from Hong Kong so I liked it. Nothing too special about it but it's good.

Murder C (kr) wrote: Director Edward D. Wood Jr. crime thriller about two criminals that become wanted 'cop killers' after a robbery goes wrong. If you don't know by now, Edward Wood is well known for being a horrible director and "Jail Bait" does not change that fact. However, if you look past the horrible acting, bad scene sets and the same (stolen) music score that goes on and on and on (to the point it will drive you to insanity) you got a pretty interesting plot. This is possibly Ed Wood's best directed movie (after this he went on to make horrible but classic sci-fi horror movies like "Plan 9 From Outer Space"). Worth watching for Ed Wood fans, everyone else don't even bother.

Cedric L (ca) wrote: Tough to watch but the performances, particularly Julianne Moore's, keep you interested.

Dolores H (ru) wrote: I love the new, fun Spiderman!! Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. 2nd time: Emma 10/10. Lucy 9/10.