Das Dreimäderlhaus

Das Dreimäderlhaus


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,   beethoven,  

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Das Dreimäderlhaus torrent reviews

Raul M (us) wrote: Worthy member of any good Space Exploration Mission film list.

Jared H (jp) wrote: excellent. loved this

Momin K (us) wrote: I finally understood Hamlet

Private U (us) wrote: good movie nice storyline with good twists though was a bit melodramatic towards the end, decent fight scenes and well all round goodie i feel

Aaron B (jp) wrote: It's more interesting than bad...

Ray S (us) wrote: I just saw a film called All the Real Girls directed by David Gordon Green. Apparently, he(TM)s directed Pineapple Exrpress, The Sitter, Eastbound & Down, and that dreadful Your Highness. Some of the actors in those films came out in All the Real Girls such as Zoey Deschanel and Danny McBride. I(TM)ve seen this film twice. Today was my second time. The first time I saw it, I didn(TM)t pay too much attention to it. I finally did on this occasion. I enjoyed the very much. It(TM)s about a dude named Paul (Paul Schneider) who lives in a small town, who(TM)s a 27 year-old womanizer. He(TM)s slept with probably almost every girl in the small town. His best friend has a an 18 year old sister who just finished an all women boarding school. Her name is Noel and is played by Deschanel. She(TM)s a virgin and that strikes a chord to her older brother when Noel and Paul start hanging out. Noel(TM)s brother doesn(TM)t approve of this ~cause he knows how Paul is. But Paul, he feels he can change. With Noel, he can. It looks like he is changing. This is probably the first serious relationship he(TM)s ever had. Noel and Paul don(TM)t really see the age gap, only when it comes to intimacy and intimacy leads to sex. Paul and Noel want to wait. This time it(TM)s special. An unfortunate event happens to Noel and thing aren(TM)t so swell. It(TM)s when this, Paul starts to analyze his present and his past.The film has simplicity packed with raw and highly emotional drives. Green is very honest in this film on how first loves occur and end, sadly. There is no ending to film. He loves visuals. I love visuals. He uses them as a tool to keep the audiences emotions consistent as it possibly can, whether it may be time lapses or long shots. I like the way he uses montages with shots of the small town. He wants to makes us feel that the town isn(TM)t so small when it comes to love, affection, and people. The film ended, to me, as a road to new opportunities, to new beginnings. The end of first loves are like that. There is a green light. Green doesn(TM)t use words to dignify that. He did enough dialog through the pressures and turmoils the characters went through. Deschanel(TM)s portrayal of Noel was probably the best acting I(TM)ve seen her do. It(TM)s pure. She gives it all. She fully understand what the typical 18 year-old girl thinks and feels. There is no artificiality. Not with this film.

Adrienne L (us) wrote: Drew Barrymore gives a great performance in this otherwise terrible drama. Skip it.

Paul E (us) wrote: That sould be a negitvie 5 starts. For what they did to a good book the directors and producers that worked on this film should NEVER be allowed to work in the industry again!!!

Alexis W (kr) wrote: great movie to grow up watching

Joseph S (ru) wrote: Well directed, better in the weirdness.

Jack P (es) wrote: Something that all fans will hold dear, a true and personal look into the one of the world's greatest bands - Metallica.

Rodolfo R (us) wrote: Perfeita demonstrao das leis da fisica.