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Das Hochzeitsvideo

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Ailsa N (nl) wrote: do I get to watch the movie at all

Aaron B (es) wrote: A true gem of a horror film that forces its' audience to put themselves into the characters' positions. Almost every actor gives their all, making this a genius piece of art that is not for the squeamish.

Nandan T (ag) wrote: Only Steven Spielberg can make a movie about a boy & a horse interesting!

Rameshkumar T (de) wrote: nice arguments for switching over to vegetarian diet. But why is it not taught in health or medical education?

Rashmi P (gb) wrote: feel-good soft-toned romantic comedy

Ellen B (es) wrote: Not bad, action was Great, the plot very predictable!

Luv L (au) wrote: I think this was a great movie. It may not be the most updated movie, but it was great. There is action, the wayt the mafia works, how thay see things, I think it was just good! I would see it again for sure without a problem, and enjoy it again. *Sponsored Post

Pete E (gb) wrote: The true story of Stu Ungar, one of the greatest poker players to ever live.

Ramesh W (ca) wrote: This was one of the best films of the year! Suspenseful with a meaningful plot. It's a must see!

Mary R (au) wrote: I saw this one before I saw the first one. They are both pretty crappy to me.

Rob T (de) wrote: Those pesky Templars are ripping blouses and cutting out hearts once again! Basically the same story as the previous 3 films. Better than Ghost Galleon but offers nothing new if you've already seen the first 2 films of the series. I tried to appreciate the low budget campiness of it all but I'm afraid to say they are all just bad films with little or no merit.

Michael T (ca) wrote: Suzuki's story of love and redemption is fascinating, with an ending right out of DUEL IN THE SUN.

Steve G (mx) wrote: The lack of differing scenery gets to me eventually on this one. I understand it's considered a classic & was Chaplin's own favourite. Yet it makes me feel claustrophobic & stuck in that dark cabin for 71 minutes. Some of the jokes were hilarious & highlights of Chaplin's career. But even to a silent film lover, it demands too much patience of me. I couldn't imagine what a CGI-bred 21st century kid would think.

Phil T (de) wrote: Whizzes along and is tremendous fun, but it just ain't funny as advertised.