Das Hofkonzert

Das Hofkonzert

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Gary W (nl) wrote: Not sure how they managed to make such a trippy movie so boring. Spy Kids for adults?

Jon P (ag) wrote: With a labyrinthine plot, gut-wrenching gore and fiery violence, most would expect Thai shocker Meat Grinder to be a powerfully effective Asian Horror. Unfortunately, the narrative is bloated, the graphic scenes are rationed, and all that's left over is a mind-boggling, overcomplicated mess. Meat Grinder deserves some credit for a few disturbing scenes, and remarkably clever use of cross-cutting. However, the film loses it's intended impact though taking a potentially horrific, powerful concept, and drowning it in a messy narrative that lacks the sophistication of similar films coming out of Japan and South Korea.

Avinash V (ag) wrote: A sad rip off of "Pay it forward" + a very long documentary on Bollywood style of fighting + a matrix technique of ripping up a piece of cloth ...

Alasdair G (au) wrote: TERRIBLE script. Also, dodgy accents.

Brandi H (ca) wrote: Much better than Hostel! Not for the faint of heart or stomach.

Rima B (mx) wrote: Heartwarming story, Strong performance..

Patrick K (br) wrote: ok this is 2 stars based solely on it's merit as a film, which is pretty terrible. the acting, the production, it's all crap. but we all know you're not here for that. you're here for the graffiti, the dancing, and the music, which are all tight! so go watch it already (though style wars should be seen first)...

Matthew D (us) wrote: The set-up is bizarre, even by Planet of the Apes standards, it doesn't stand up to the slightest scrutiny, and the ending is a bit wonky as it tries to have its cake and eat it. But inbetween is the most emotionally affecting film since the original while still providing the franchise's usual food for thought, Conquest is the most competent and well directed of the sequels.

Kassy H (ag) wrote: It's a sweet, feel good movie. Made back when all it need to make a good movie was good acting. I know its older than I am but I still love it.

Ariadna L (br) wrote: i played sissi wuth my cousin. i was the princess, she was the prince and i got sick...good memories!!!

Stephen H (br) wrote: Understated at times, with a truly heartwrenching finale. I submit this to anyone who tells me how great "Slumdog Millionaire" was; this film blows it out of the water.

Amy M (ag) wrote: Bette Davis reins in her passion in her portrayal of a proper governess who falls in love with the man of the house, Charles Boyer. Barbara O'Neil also shines as the neurotic, spiteful wife. Melodrama at its best!

Grant H (ca) wrote: Great movie. Very funny, interesting, good gore, great performances from Sawa, Green, and Henson.

Geoff J (it) wrote: The point where Russell Mulcahy stopped being Russell Mulcahy, director of "Highlander," and started being Russell Mulcahy, journeyman. Oddly like an Albert Pyun film, with a grand total of four English-speaking roles (hey, one's in "Twilight") wandering about generic Eastern European locales featuring respawning, masked stuntmen.

Maria D (br) wrote: This film does a fantastic job of blurring the lines between maturity and immaturity. The disturbing but unescapable reality that adults often feel and act like a teenager they never grew out of while the teens accelerate the experiences of young adulthood they aren't ready for to feel a desparate sense of belonging and acceptance.