Das runde Ding vom Odenwald

Das runde Ding vom Odenwald

The Retirees Jean Lulay and Walter Lohmann feel angry about the folks in the local pub of their village, because those say, that the elders are not of much use. Jean and Walter decide to ...

The Retirees Jean Lulay and Walter Lohmann feel angry about the folks in the local pub of their village, because those say, that the elders are not of much use. Jean and Walter decide to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (gb) wrote: I found this 2b very formulaic-here it is 'swordfish' mixed with 'the matrix' plus 'london boulevard'= this one

Jacopo G (it) wrote: For the view of Rome.

Asa H (kr) wrote: Excellent modern film noir, beautiful set design, great cinematography and acting.. Staggering how completely obtuse film critics are...

Steve Stephan Daniel H (jp) wrote: This is a very Awesome movie, I am short of word's when speaking of this movie. It is an Awesome movie. People this is a must see.

Kimberly M (us) wrote: This movie claimed the #2 spot of the most boring films I have ever watched. The character set up in the beginning of the movie was monotonous and I am not sure how I managed the energy to finally get to the twist at the end. Thank god the film was only 80 mins and Neve's naked body wasn't worth the time either.

Anya S (de) wrote: A sweet little love story about an uptight school teacher and a tattoo covered biker dude. I thought that the movie was fun to watch, but it made me want to yell why is it okay for the male lead to be over weight while it is never acceptable for the female to be anything over a size two? I know that size is not the meaning of the story, but it is something that has bothered me through my many years of movie watching. Back to the movie at hand; this was fun to watch, the acting was not bad, and I liked the concept. Although I do resonate with the up tight school teacher I would never go as far as she did quitting my job getting pierced and getting a tattoo. I hope that I never become that loose with my expectations of myself.

James J (br) wrote: good flick effects were the only thing that let this down and the fact it was a slow start flick but good story and val was awesome in it 6/10

Jeffrey L (jp) wrote: This long-awaited sequel to the famous film, The Last Picture Show can be summed up in numerous ways. Whether it be funny, depressing, insightful, overlong or ultimately enjoyable (among many other virtues), there is much one may take from it. As most original cast members from the first film (sans Ellen Burstyn and a few others) unite to continue the beloved story, most will find this one a viewing treat...though some lengthy, somewhat unnecessary segments get in the way at times.Skipping from the 1950s to 1984, we are reunited with the main characters that were such a big deal in high school. It is now the centennial and everyone comes back to the town they remember so fondly. Things have become much grim, however as Duane (Jeff Bridges) is struggling with debt and has a large family to raise...but with the youngsters getting into constant trouble and his wife a serious alcoholic, things definitely were better in the good old days. His high school sweetheart, Jacy (a deglamorized Cybil Shepherd) comes back, however and has not had it terribly great, either. The whole town assumes they will rekindle their romance, but the spark which set things off way back when seems more nonexistent than ever now.A film seemingly made to please fans of the legendary first installment, most should agree there is much to enjoy here and it is good to see the fine characters, though they surely are not as appealing as when they were young. Good period detail and filming locations are also done well and compensate somewhat for the film's serious overlength. Perhaps negativity is done more than necessary as the characters' everyday dilemmas are tough to watch, but it still should please most viewers. The cinematic story ends here, though some characters and the town were the subjects in three additional novels by Larry McMurtry who wrote the original novel.

Pavan R (nl) wrote: A sweet feel good movie of life during the early days of the 2nd big war.

Jason20 P (ru) wrote: 80`s Greatness! Seen it about 10 times.

Oku A (kr) wrote: "Saving Private Ryan" it ain't, but a good war movie from the actual war period.

Ethan F (es) wrote: takes a wile to get good