Das wandernde Bild

Das wandernde Bild

A woman (Mia May) takes a train to escape from her lover, who is also the father of her daughter, but he has sent her a telegram ensuring that she will never get rid of him. Thus begins a chase that leads into the mountains. There she meets a monk who willgive her all the support she needs. Drama about repentance, guilt and the possibility to achieve redemption through sacrifice. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (es) wrote: could of been a little better on the explanation of the device itself aside from when and who it was invented and reinvented, also it just shows who found it and their opinions. it has been making a better come back in music and there are quite a few artists these days that use it structly. decent little doc though.

Phil R (ru) wrote: The person I watched this with thought it was the biggest pile of shit she's ever seen... and I can see why some might hate it: very low production values = poor quality gore... However, I'm a lover of B-movies and I found this film funny and also relatively gory (despite the lack of money available rendering them looking a plastic)... I have not seen this version with the extra scenes, just the original version which was self released so I cannot comment on whatever has been added... Fetus, the director's next film, looks fantastic and I can't wait for it to finally get a DVD release

HollywoodJoey W (kr) wrote: A great movie that showed what happened prior to Gettysburg. It never fully got the credit it deserved.

Andrew P (br) wrote: Decent horror revenge flick. Good performances by Viggo and Lane Smith. Kind of weird seeing Tony "Tiny" Lister in a role where he's not the bad guy, but actually decent...for a convict. Interesting visuals too. Worth a rent.

Adam M (ag) wrote: Sequel to the seminal Horror of Dracula. A family end up staying at an old castle despite being warned of what might be in there. Obviously its not long before they find out that the castle is home to the infamous Dracula, killed in the first film but brought back to life by his loyal servant using the blood of the first victim. This is typical Hammer Horror fair; a simple story maybe but good performances and a touch of gore make this enjoyable. A bit strange Christopher Lee not having any lines in this one but he still manages to create an air of menaces as the count.

Neil O (gb) wrote: Basil Dearden's endearing crime caper is an entirely satisfying work that pushes all the right buttons. This is a reminder of the inventiveness and charm that typified British cinema culture in the early 1960s. This film is clever its plotting and features a great cast of British character actors. Dearden's sure-handed direction is ably reinforced by Bryan Forbes's screenplay adapted from John Boland's novel. The actors carry the film with charisma - Hawkins and Patrick in particular. A classic of British cinema.

KlausWinfried T (ca) wrote: Don't know why I like it so much, but I definitely do ...

Eric R (au) wrote: A noir about a private eye going undercover at a mental institute because he believes a fugitive is holding up their. This is a decent film with solid performances all around. Its very tight, being only 62 minutes long, and it tells a good story. I think it just doesnt do anything super special to me because Samuel Fuller's 'Shock Corridor' is so terrific. Still a good film but nothing terribly groundbreaking.

Alex K (gb) wrote: I'm Shooting My Feature-Length Films Only Just In Technicolor.

Debattam D (nl) wrote: This one is something else.probably the best of decade. The not so romantic but stick in deep ground of reality type rom-com. Thoroughly loved the performance of lead cast. Do give it a watch. It does have a silver lining. Thumbs up.

Jordon J (jp) wrote: The Secret World of Arrietty is a marvelously captivating animated feature about very tiny people and the full-scale world they inhabit. I say SEE IT!!!