Date and Switch

Date and Switch

Two guys who make a pact to lose their virginity before prom find their friendship tested when one of them comes out of the closet.

High school seniors Michael and Matty make a pact to help each other lose their virginity before their high school prom. Their plan hits a snag when Matty tells his best friend that he's gay. Michael's supportive but awkward attempts to help Matty fit in put a strain on their decade-long friendship. Their friendship is further tested when Michael falls for Matty's former girlfriend and Matty falls for a guy whom Michael wouldn't approve of. Prom looms and Michael and Matty have to repair their friendship and then figure out their love lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Date and Switch torrent reviews

Johnson Y (br) wrote: Good performance from the main actors

Sterling B (us) wrote: Awhile not as great as the novel, it's still a darkly funny film on it's own.

Ahmad F (ru) wrote: is wondewfull frienship...

Miguel ngel H (ca) wrote: Predecible, aburrida, solo la vi para darle continuidad a la 3 que esta un poco mejor, como dice el dicho segundas partes no son buenas, nunca superaron la 1.

Jack H (jp) wrote: let the cliches please roll in!!! not so bad of a tweenie comedy. i wasnt as annoyed as i might be with other movies with millons of cliches. for this movie all the predictability worked. Its one of those movies that says right off the bat, we know what kind of movie this is, lets roll with it.

Rachel F (us) wrote: This film is a ton of fun and appropriately stocked with 80's cheesiness. The biggest surprise is the prescence of Dennis Hopper as the science teacher.

Indu R (kr) wrote: Very entertaining. Good action. The cast and the plot was better than the original movie.

Corey S (kr) wrote: While its not as strong as the others they do have some very fun moments and a good villain In pacino's bank. Plus it's always nice to see this cast together as there so great.

bob l (nl) wrote: Interesting storytelling idea, but it wasn't really my thing.