Filmed in documentary style, Daughter (aka Sia Dai) is the story of four girls who face tough times in life and turn to heavy drug use in order to cope with reality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Daughter torrent reviews

Jorge O (au) wrote: This film was hilarious. Creepy couple as roommates stock single bachelor. Romance and hilarious dialogue. Recommend to those couples who never fight.

chris w (gb) wrote: good, be warned this ain't no barrel of laughs.

Seher K (nl) wrote: After Dil se on the scale of rating of course. It went silent on the box office which was one reason I watched this movie later than the lot. Parellel running stories dont quite do well with bollywood, but this is one of the few exceptions. Abhi and Rani are the reason why everyone should watch this movie. Their story is indeed a driving factor of the movie. Good music and Good performances. conclusion: an accomplishment.

Charlie G (us) wrote: "B" movie. Nice girls and Corey doing his usual. Nothing special

Rod A (br) wrote: Bleak portrait of a lost soul who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. The atmosphere of the tiny apartment Violette shares with her parents conveys the claustrophobia Violette must have felt. Her calculating nature is frightening. Huppert delivers an unsettling performance.

Alex S (de) wrote: Watching this made me want to read the book. To see this film just for Rudolph Valentino still makes it well worth it, especially since this was his last film.

Cris C (kr) wrote: Wonderfully done. Great acting, directing, etc. Loved Patrick Stewart as the Ghost and Claudius (were they twins in this one?)BUT. They CUT some of the To be or not to be speech. HOW do you cut anything out of that speech?? It pretty much IS the play!But, the rest of the movie was really great, so I only took off 1/2 a star from what would have been a 4-star rating.

Ariel R (gb) wrote: To find something you're passionate about at any age is truly a blessing. Oh how I miss dancing!

Rob C (ag) wrote: This movie is beyond terrible. It is a cheap attempt to combine 'Paranormal Activity', "Blair Witch Project' and 'The Exorcist'. It is supposed to take place in Adams, TN in January 2011. It starts with a pool party and there are palm trees in the background. There is on reference to the Bell witch. The story makes no sense and the acting, well it should not be called acting.

Harley D (es) wrote: thought it was a good movie gave the original plot a twist and had great action i believe arnold redeemed himself with this one.

Tim S (it) wrote: Very nice, especially the over-the-top score. The ending was particularly great.

Lucas B (ru) wrote: This movie shows people that if you work hard you should be fairly rewarded for it.