Daughter of Keltoum

Daughter of Keltoum

An extraordinary story of a young woman raised in Switzerland who travels back to Algeria, her birthplace, to meet and kill her natural mother, who abandoned her shortly after birth. Along ...

An extraordinary story of a young woman raised in Switzerland who travels back to Algeria, her birthplace, to meet and kill her natural mother, who abandoned her shortly after birth. Along ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caitlin L (nl) wrote: The original was better.

James O (au) wrote: Interesting to see De Niro in a B film. His quality shines through and pulls this up from an average film to just above average. The plot is ok but it's not the most gripping story ever put to film. Reasonable enough though.

DG j (ca) wrote: Helen MacFarquhar (Kate Capshaw), a middle-aged bookseller, having recently divorced and after sending her daughter off to summer camp, and her nagging ex-husband trying to convince her to pay for some of their daughter's activities is ready to move on to the next stage in her life. One morning, as she is going through the mail, she discovers an anonymous blue love letter, without an envelope and a name. Having discovered this letter in her mail, in her bookstore, she naturally thinks it is for her. But the only question is, who is it from? At first, she thinks it is from George Matthias, the local fireman, but decides it couldn't be him, after trying to give him subtle hints ("have you ever been 'on fire?'") Not having any idea who may be the writer of the love letter, she just puts it away in her purse and tries to forget about it. Then, Johnny, a college student who has a summer job working in Helen's bookstore, is invited to her house for dinner. During dinner she puts two wine glasses and a bottle next to her purse, which has the letter in it. By mistake, and not noticing it, Helen accidentally knocks the letter out of the purse. While in the kitchen cooking, she tells Johnny to have some wine. Johnny comes across the letter, and is struck by it. He mistakenly thinks it is from Helen! Later that night, he begins to "peel an orange", a line from the letter. Seeing his hint, Helen rushes into the house and says goodnight. Johnny leaves. In the next few weeks, Johnny and Helen meet and begin an affair, each thinking the other wrote the letter

J K (fr) wrote: Lou Diamond Phillips you're such a badass.

Matthew B (gb) wrote: I love this movie so much...I dont know why

Tom H (ca) wrote: Decent murder mystery.

Todd A (es) wrote: Much like the Pink Panther this slapstick heavy film has its share of fun but there is a lot of muck to get through first and the rewards might not be worth it. 100 Days of SuperheroesDay 8- Condorman"That's right, Condorman, vulture of the western world!" In 1981 good ol' Walt decided to dip his own hand into the superhero cookie jar with the production of Condorman. Similar to Danger Diabolik, this film leans almost closer to that of a spy film than a superhero one. Yet there is still enough heroic elements here that lets it be included on my list of 100 superhero films. Not that I'm particularly looking forward to it. Despite being both a box office and critical failure Condorman managed to recruit a small cult following due to the excessive repeat showings on the Disney channel, you might have seen them--five or six times. Maybe they barrowed the marketing strategy from Hot Fuzz. Either way Condorman is neither worthy of the box office failure it got, or the over attention on the TV, it really is just a mediocre film not worthy of great praise or panning. The story follows a man by the name of Woody Nolastname who is an enthusiastic writer of children comic books. He is obsessed with creating plausible? superheroes by inventing some of their gadgets himself. His favorite character is Condorman, a high flying superhero dressed in a bright orange feather patterned wetsuit. For whatever reason he's got a buddy in the CIA who think the incompetent Woody would be perfect for a top secret information transfer. The CIA recruits him for a simple job "only a civilian" can perform. Woody chooses to go under the alias of Condorman and ends up infatuated with a female Russian Spy. When that spy decides to defect, Condorman is brought in to escort her back. Condorman is intended to be a quirky goofy hero, almost like Disney was going for the Inspector Clouseau of superheroes. He has absurd gadgets and gets himself into even more ludicrous circumstances. Michael Crawford does a decent job with the character of Woody and depicts him rightfully as the bumbling clown he needs to be. Unfortunately the other support actors seem to be unable to take their parts seriously (and rightfully so) as they are fairly dry and uninteresting. The villains are about as generic as one can get. As if using one stereotype wasn't enough, the makers tried to jam in as many as possible for the villain of Krokov, Natalia's fellow spy, manager, boyfriend, world domination seeking, person. He pretty much exists to yell at people "Damn it! How could you let Condorman get away!!!" As said before the film isn't awful it just has an uninspired feel to it. It's effects are mediocre to bad and no one seemed particularly interested in the project they were involved in. It's fun to watch it at times in the same way that the original Pink Panther films were but to get to those scenes there is a lot of muck to cross through first.

Film C (ca) wrote: These are brilliant the first is good and so is the second it reminds me of st trinians but is just as good

Dylan G (au) wrote: The real savages are the ones behind the camera! F

Senor C (mx) wrote: Mama's boy who was burned by dear old ma as a child enjoys burning women after mom kicks the bucket. A Psycho rip off w/ a torching twist & a great disco scene where our loony Donny smashes a candle into a woman's face...& I though disco was supposed to sooth the soul

David W (br) wrote: The film has style and A story so grand words can't describe how good it is. The characters are awesome and so is this film

Nikki M (us) wrote: This felt like two episodes of batman the animated series rather then one movie. It was often disconnected and didn't make sense. It was just meh. Having Mark Hamill back as the joker was a saving point for this film.