• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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Daughters torrent reviews

William W (kr) wrote: Another movie of Michelle Chen after her great success in "You are the Apple of My Eye". But this one is not up to that standard. Michelle was also not so attractive in this one. The main theme is love and home. But a bit difficult to enter the story that the director want to tell as the Taiwanese contents seems not well mix to the main theme.

Rebecka O (mx) wrote: The beauty of the storytelling makes it difficult to divert ones eyes from the screen. That the story is in fact a life, some parts are autobiographical, makes it all the more strong.

Sma A (kr) wrote: This movie was okay.

Dave C (es) wrote: Well-made first half but sunk by melodramatic excess in the second, but still a very well-made film.

Abdulmalik A (ru) wrote: fluent, charming and precise family portrait that celebrates ordinary life with all its joys and chaos. Every beat and every image and every cut and every note feels like a part of a whole. It is a total movie.

MK B (es) wrote: Hands down my most favorite movie on Seattle and their grunge music. Finally, someone got the honest opinions of the musicians/residents that had to go through all of this. Very insightful. Love the music.

Greg W (ca) wrote: another tale of a street kid in the slums od Bombay (Mumbai)

Jenny M (mx) wrote: A little light humor for the afternoon. I normally not a fan of Gene Wilder, but the movie was not as horrible as I thought it was going to be. Good jokes without being overly stupid and corny. An overall good story, with an fun song and dance number in the middle. I did not rate it higher because I wasn't laughing out loud anywhere in the movie. I need to have a couple good belly laughs to give above a 3 star.

Craig C (br) wrote: Mario Bava creates the definitive Italian Gothic Horror film and makes Barbara Steele a star. Imitated by Roger Corman and countless others, but never duplicated. Essential.

Luis C (ru) wrote: a great classic film!

Michael D (fr) wrote: Interesting Czech film, long banned by the communists, about a bickering party official and wife as they experience one night of complete paranoid turmoil, convinced they are living under surveillance from the secret service. The film is visually striking, never more so than during the party scenes in Prague castle and the central performances are superb. Compared to 'Who??s Afraid of Virginia Woolf' the marital battle scenes here are perhaps not as overwhelmingly described but the paranoid, oppressive atmosphere is very convincing all the same. Kafka-esque even...Worth a watch, especially for those interested in life under the communist regime.

Louise C (ru) wrote: Wow! Carol Channing, Jackie Gleason and Groucho Marx in a psychedelic forgettable musical. It's only watchable as a pure trainwreck pleasure. And the musical numbers -- GROAN. . .

CG C (ag) wrote: this was funny shirely maclaine film.. i found it cute and entertaining

Brad G (de) wrote: "England is at stake...Yes Kitty, The Nazis Killed Him! The Cut-Throats of the World Threaten Us All!" The first of the Rathbone/Bruce Sherlock Holmes flicks to be distributed by Universal is also the first film to be transported into the blitz threatened modern world. And after that time travel shock and rolling my eyes at Watson tsking Holmes for wanting his detective cap over the fedora-of-the-day, I eventually, thoroughly, enjoyed this reboot. There is some great monologuing going on here, not just by Holmes but also by the dastardly, climactic Nazis. And what a fantastic, brutal ending. VF.

Jared B (nl) wrote: Really makes you think...

bill b (kr) wrote: Seriously the claustrophobic element is there...u feel that u r stucked in a nightmare where Alien meets Burried. Nicole's Alonso ass is amazing :)

Andrew H (ag) wrote: This is a stars movie. Can't have that high of expectations going into this one. Lots of cheesy action scenes with, Dolph Lundgren and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Italo P (us) wrote: estan chidos lo efectos