Honest mint employee, Ghanshyam (Shreeram Lagoo) gets framed for murder by Joseph D'Souza (Amjad Khan), and has to flee from the police. He is separated from his wife, Radhika (Seema Deo), two sons, and a blind daughter. Years later, Ghanshyam, after being forced to work for Joseph to print fake rupee notes, is rich and known as Vikram Singh; his daughter and wife are homeless and destitute; his elder son, Ravi (Vinod Khanna) is a burglar at night, and a rich and respectable man named Kunwar Dilip Singh during the day; his other son, Sushil (Raj Babbar) is a police inspector, adopted by the Police Commissioner (Om Shivpuri). Joseph, now known as Tripathi, comes to know that Ravi is Ghanshyam's son, and devices a scheme that will bring certain death to Ghanshyam and his family.

Honest mint employee, Ghanshyam (Shreeram Lagoo) gets framed for murder by Joseph D'Souza (Amjad Khan), and has to flee from the police. He is separated from his wife, Radhika (Seema Deo), ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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destiny s (ag) wrote: Lucy hale looks like Selena Gomez

Leonie M (mx) wrote: Predictable, yes, but still a fun watch with some classic scenes, such as the Red Bull all-nighter and the fun band the girl plays in. The casting was all wrong, though, the women that want Carrey are simply too hot or young.

Jim C (mx) wrote: Surprisingly funny and touching movie.

Leon B (ru) wrote: Terrible movie. I only watched it out of curiosity because i love Stephen Dorff, but this movie deserves a thumbs down.

Armando B (mx) wrote: This 3rd installment of the Final Destination franchise is one of the best. Great way to continue with the franchise, and the new characters are great to see. The killings are great as usual and blood and disturbing images are like the others, great continuation of the franchise, and the most of it great suspense. So for this being a great third installment and for not letting you go with the great suspense it deliver , I give " Final Destination 3" a B-.

Lucie K (de) wrote: Hilariously bad, except maybe for the ending.

Porsh A (gb) wrote: Where can I find this?!

Barry T (jp) wrote: Hilarious !!!!!! carbon copy murders from film 1

Stu G (jp) wrote: poor acting. storyline doesn't make sense. and if you don't speak Cantonese or Mandarin, then good luck, because large portions of the dialog are not subtitled.

Richard P (ca) wrote: All critic who hate Hawk the Slayer are a diehard Krull fanboy.

Julia L (mx) wrote: hahaha too good. drug addict turkey monster! :D

Stan D (au) wrote: Clint Eastwood, Inger Stevens, Pat Hingle are in the first American Western to star Eastwood, after his famous Spaghetti Westerns. A marshall tracks down the bad guys who unsuccessfully tried to lynch him. Great music, great action, and a great lead performance by Eastwood, who of course has never won an acting oscar. One of the men who attempted to lynch Eastwood was played by Jonathan Lippe (Goldsmith), who gained later fame as "The Most Interesting Man in the World."

Brittany R (au) wrote: This is one of the Best Movies EVER!!!

Russell G (ag) wrote: Well done bit of Hammer suspense. Nothing wrong with it, it keeps you interested. I was just in the mood for something a bit more monstery. :S

Blake B (it) wrote: Terrible ....terrible...Not developed into a good story

Edith N (gb) wrote: With Great Whacks of Daddy Issues My absolute favourite Ryan O'Neal story is one that I'm quite sure Tatum wishes people would stop telling. However, I think it says everything that needs to be said about their relationship--and Ryan O'Neal as a person. You see, this isn't just the story about how he told her, probably right around the time this movie was made, that she shouldn't ask him to choose between her and Farrah Fawcett, because he wasn't sleeping with Tatum. No, this was at Farrah Fawcett's funeral, where he needed a ride (Ryan O'Neal doesn't have his own car?), so Tatum gave him one--and he didn't recognize her, so he started hitting on her. He laughs about this story; I can only assume that Tatum has told it to her therapist several times. I also know that he was pretty mad when she won the Oscar and he wasn't even nominated for this. Though he is one of the people who lost to George C. Scott, the year George C. Scott refused the award, so there's that. Tatum is Addie Loggins and Ryan is Moses Pray. Her mother has just died, and she believes that Moze is her father, which he denies. He did, however, know her mother, and he agrees that he will take Addie to her aunt's house. On his way out of town, he extorts two hundred dollars from the brother of the man whose drunk driving was responsible for Addie's mother's death. Addie overhears this and refuses to separate from Moze until he gives her the money, most of which he's already spent. It turns out that Moze is a low-level conman, and Addie quickly demonstrates a flair for it--better than Moze, in fact. They're making her money back faster than he'd expected--until one night, at a carnival, he meets up with Miss Trixie Delight (Madeline Kahn). Moze rapidly spends money on her, and of course, they aren't up to their usual tricks and so aren't getting any more in. Addie decides she needs to get rid of Trixie, and pairs up with Trixie's maid, Imogene (P. J. Johnson), to do it. To be perfectly honest, the only reason I can see Addie's wanting to stay with Moze is for the same reason that I assume she really loved her father at the time. Sometimes, we are blind when it comes to our parents and forgive things that shouldn't be forgiven. Addie is desperately in need of someone to love her, someone to belong to, and she latches onto Moze for it. Possibly, her aunt (Rose-Mary Rumbley) would be better; we can never really be sure. However, her aunt was distant, never visiting her sister and niece. Addie can convince herself that Moze loved her mother, and that he must be her father. Don't they have the same jaw? Maybe he is; maybe he isn't. But Addie needs him to be, so she's willing to overlook every flaw--and drive off Trixie. She's a better judge of human nature than he is, but she still can't see him well enough to see what's wrong with him. She doesn't want to, because she wants him to be the father she needs. Oh, part of this may be that I just don't like Ryan O'Neal. Of the four people who get any considerable amount of screen time in this film, he's the least talented. It was Tatum's first movie, and she acted rings around him. However, remember that he's perfectly content to scam people the same regardless of whether they're rich or poor. She gives the poor woman the inscribed Bible and is smart enough to charge the rich one considerably more than anyone else they encounter--and the rich woman pays it without a second thought. It isn't just that Moze is a crook. It's that he's short-sighted. He's petty. He doesn't only think of himself, but that's because he doesn't seem to think at all. He's trying to impress Trixie, but why? (Leaving aside that she's Madeline Kahn and therefore automatically too good for him.) when he meets her, she's a stripper at a carnival. He seems to have the impression that she's high class, because she has a high school diploma, but how long will she stay when he's broke? For some reason, this approximate era was full of rose-coloured portrayal of the Great Depression. (For all this was actually filmed in B&W.) Yes, all right, these two are supposed to fit in the category of "cheeky rogues" who have been popular in fiction going back quite a long time. Centuries at least. However, we don't ever get a clear image of poverty from this movie. Several characters throughout the story must be in very bad shape financially, but we ignore that. It takes a very small amount of money to convince Imogene to betray Trixie, and fair enough. She doesn't like Trixie anyway and isn't getting paid. But the money Moze cheats out of people will sometimes mean that they won't have enough to eat that month, and the movie never lets us see that anyone is ever really suffering. Except for the one family wherein Addie, out of the goodness of her heart, refuses to con them. That isn't enough for me, and I'm surprised it is for the movie's many fans.

Paul D (fr) wrote: Feels slightly too talkative to begin with, but there's an interesting dynamic that develops as it progresses, with a few enjoyable cameos throughout.