David Cross: Let America Laugh

David Cross: Let America Laugh

This is a feature-length documentary of David Cross's entire North American comedy tour.

This is a feature-length documentary of David Cross's entire North American comedy tour. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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E F (au) wrote: I really like LCD soundsystem, but I sort of felt lukewarm about this concert film. I think I found it a little pretentious that they were having this last show ever as if they were some band that's been around for a 10 or 20 years or something, when they've only been around for maybe 2 or 3. I think of the shot with the kid in the audience crying and see it as somehow not really feeling that sad that this band was ending. Another thing I was kind of disappointed in was how they had Arcade Fire on stage with them and all they did was backup vocals. I was thinking, "what was the point?" Have them play one of their songs or at least have their instruments and play a song together with the band or something. I did enjoy on the special features the extended interview with James Murphy as well as the "Catching up with Keith" extra.

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