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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Davpech torrent reviews

Nick F (ru) wrote: Oculus if one of the better horror movies I've seen in a long while. It goes a good job of telling a truly creepy story while exploring the loss of sanity.

Steven H (ag) wrote: seemed pretty cheesy / corny. quite a lot focused on volleyball for some reason. the ending was pretty anti-climactic

Tianna W (gb) wrote: It's ok! Not as good as the first one tho!

Joe H (it) wrote: A troubled film that managed to keep my interest.... There are flaws, but the performances seemed to be genuine (although there were scenes in the script that needed work.)

Micah S (br) wrote: This quite posibly be the worst movie I have ever seen!!!

Rachel B (it) wrote: The last moments of this film rank as one of my all time favourite film moments!

bill s (kr) wrote: Sometimes the performances rise up and help elevate an otherwise average script....this is one of those times.

Mr Andrew Sly k (kr) wrote: I need my love theraphy my family reunited again!

Joe W (ca) wrote: This is one of those so bad its great 1980s amricana films that john candy was so well know for.Sure its a bit dated but its a film i don't have to invest much into to enjoy. I grew up on John Candy films and frankly i love the movie the same way i loved the Great Out Doors.Sure its not everyone's cup of tea but its a throwback to a different era in film making starring one of comedies greats.

John A (it) wrote: A Television Movie Which Features 3 Short Stories Directed By Horror Masters John Carpenter & Tobe Hooper. Carpenter Stars As The Host Of The Film A Small Town Coroner Who Tells The Story Of How 3 People Which Are In Body Bags Died. The First 2 Stories Are Directed By Carpenter & Are Entitled "The Gas Station" & "Hair", While The Last Story Entitled "Eye" Is Directed By Hooper. These Stories Are Basic But The Music, Direction & The Performances From The Actors Make This Film An Enjoyable Experience.

Matthew D (ca) wrote: A great story about what it takes to be a hero and the real world effect of DC's characters, the Martian Manhunter is the real star here and that's as great as it is surprising. The uninteresting alien threat and some silly parts in the final conflict let the side down.

rick r (br) wrote: "The Apparition" tales the story of a young couple playing house only to find out the terrors hidden in the home as well as their relationship. The film is directed by Todd Lincoln and stars Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan and Tom Felton. The film actually focuses on the exploration of urban legend and the paranormal as well accenting the freshness of a life anew with relationship and promise. Kelly and Ben are a young couple starting life together just as horrors set upon them. Ben is a collegiate who explores the realms of paranormal experimentation only to have to deal with the nightmare ramifications that ensue. Soon Ben and Kelly battle ghastly forces from beyond the realm of the dead as an entity invades their lives and halts the beginnings of their happy home.For me the film has some serious potential for scares but unfortunately it is as if the director pulled back on most of the scary moments instead of going for broke. Moments when the scenes begin to build to thrilling climaxes the actual luster fades and we are almost pre-warned or backed down from a true terrifying moment. With that said there are some scary moments that make you jump but there could have been so many more. The surreal and ominous atmosphere that is created in this more subdued supernatural horror film is intense and foreboding which give to the story's dark nature. The casual and serious approach to the story casts an almost monotone of mournfulness even when the scene doesn't call for such emotion which sometimes creates a somewhat sleeper moment to the film. The story around the paranormal entity however is intense, dark and sinister which hold most of this movie tightly together and give us our actual active scary moments. "The Apparition" didn't completely leave me disappointed but it did slightly frustrate me because I found myself forcing complete interest in the movie as it went along and never felt quite convinced it was a horror movie. It is a film that one could take or leave and never be the lesser for doing so.

Allan C (us) wrote: Anthony Perkins returns in this TV movie as Norman Bates calling into a radio show discussing matricide. Perkins scenes merely serve as the wrap around story for telling Bates' origin story as a young man, played by ET's Henry Thomas and his relationship with his domineering mother, Olivia Hussey. Hussey is quite good as Norman's mother and the film did not shy away from the twisted relationship between Norman and his mother. The film was directed by the underrated Mick Garris and was written by the Joseph Stephano, who wrote the screenplay adaptation for the original film, so that does give this sequel some credibility (especially since this entry seems to ignore the events of parts two and three). CCH Pounder plays the radio DJ, so it's a solid cast, but the film's real downfall is that it doesn't have much of a mystery and that the radio talk show segments seemed more just an excuse to include Perkins in the film. If the film has solely focused on Thomas and Hussey, it likely would have been a stronger film, much like the "Bates Motel" TV series. I do give Garris big props for bringing back Bernard Hermann's iconic score from the original. Overall, this one is a mixed bag.

Jeffrey C (nl) wrote: Wow, a deeply moving performance by Saoirse Ronan with beautiful camera work and lighting. Great chemistry and engagement among all of the lead actors and actresses.