Released three days after Adolf Hitler became Reichskanzler, it was the first film to have its screening in Nazi Germany. It became a symbol of the new times touted by the Nazi regime. The title (literally "morning-red") is the German term for the reddish coloring of the east sky about a half hour before the sunrise. Dawn was the U.S. title. In 1915, Captain Liers, commander of a submarine is leaving his hometown, where he, his 2nd officer and the radio-operator, spend their shore leave. On patrol they sink a British armored cruiser, but while returning to their harbor, they're attacked. They're able to sink it, but the trap has alarmed a destroyer, that sinks their sub. The sub lays on the sea bed at 200 feet, and except for the bridge, it is full of water. 10 members of the crew survived, but there are only 8 rescue devices. Liers gives the order, that the crew shall use them, but they disobey, either all get out or nobody...

In 1915, Captain Liers, commander of a submarine is leaving his hometown, where he, his 2nd officer and the radio-operator, who is married there, spend their shore leave. Liers two brothers... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dawn torrent reviews

Vinesh G (gb) wrote: completely predictable with bad sound additions

Jens S (mx) wrote: This beautifully filmed Western is basically a slow moving two hour chase, down a snowy mountain ridge into the desert plains. It can rely on its two charismatic leading men and it's interesting how the movie refuses to reveal who the villain is, or if there even is one, for the longest time. The solution is even more disappointing after all and raises just one question: why didn't they think of that two hours earlier?

Levi T (mx) wrote: Ronin pays homage to the spy films of a bygone era while peeling back the layers of its memorable characters in a pressure-cooker plot that offers plenty of heart-thumping action.

Nyk P (kr) wrote: needs a rewatch, all i can remember is Charlie Sheen driving out of a plane mid air!

Dawn M (fr) wrote: Not nearly as good as the first Stakeout movie. It might have been better with someone less annoying than O'Donnell.

Vicky V (mx) wrote: Een film waar pas op het einde duidelijk wordt of het nu wel of niet om te lachen was, daar houden we wel van... Een beetje ver gezocht, soms, ma: si non vero, ben trovato!

Frank J (jp) wrote: Rien de plus fascinant que de voir une ralisation qui porte elle-mme sur son propre reflet; la mise en abme d'une ralisation. Le tournage s'amorce sur le studio du ralisateur Ferron, alias Truffaut lui-mme, tandis qu'on s'apprte tout simplement filmer ''Je vous prsente Pamla'', une comdie dramatique sur l'histoire d'une femme qui tombe amoureuse de son beau-pre et qui s'enfuit avec lui. Un scnario classique, revu maintes et maintes fois, qui n'ose en rien, que ce soit dans le domaine cinmatographique ou sentimental.Toutefois, c'est le derrire qui fascine. Un derrire qui, ma foi, ne s'approche videmment pas du tout de celui de Apocalypse Now, mais qui possde son lot de complications. Par consquent, si l'on veut satisfaire sa curiosit et jeter un regard derrire la camra, Truffaut a ralis un film parfait sur une ralisation pas si parfaite.

Nikolas G (de) wrote: its Bunuel after all

Sabrina A (ru) wrote: An all time masterpice. Must see.

Dustin P (ru) wrote: On the surface this appears to be a romance story, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was a tale of an exciting life story (think Forrest Gump, but not nearly as epic). This film has a little bit of everything. It's got a lot of drama, some comedy, a little bit of action, and yes...romance too. Christoph Waltz is amazing as always. Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon gave decent performances, but I didn't exactly feel a strong chemistry between them. Overall, this was a much better film than I expected. It's worth a watch.

Pete S (jp) wrote: not as good as the first