Dawn of the Dragonslayer

Dawn of the Dragonslayer

Dawn of the Dragonslayer tells the story of Will (Richard McWilliams), a shepherd's son whose land is ravaged by a dragon.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   sword,   sword fight,  

When Will's father is killed by a dragon, he embarks on an epic journey filled by vengeance that leads him to an ancestral home which he stays at and works for the tyrannical Sterling in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin E (ru) wrote: Although a necessary reminder of how ignorant humanity is and was in oppressing those who are different, the movie felt very predictable, cliche, and unoriginal.

Danh N (kr) wrote: I want to see your movie

Fiona N (gb) wrote: typical honger movie...nothing outstanding nothing suspenseful but still entertaining enough to keep me watching.

Maja D (ca) wrote: Muy sencilla. No est mal.

Jackie S (it) wrote: a look at private military companies operating in iraq and the purpose they serve. it's surprising to see how many pmc's are operating in the war and are key aspects in conflicts abroad. ethics, laws, and regulations should be in place. very interesting

Angeles T (br) wrote: Buen, buen, buen cine mexicano, el sr. dalton knows his shit... jaja... extraamente tiene buen sonido... Bravo!

Maura (au) wrote: I stumbled on this movie on one of the lesser cable channels and had no idea of it's existence. I love Ana Friel and it starts off with her singing so I had to watch. Eddie Griffin is funny, the story is typical, the end is painfully sugary sweet bu...(read more)t it's a fun watch.

Russ B (gb) wrote: 5/29/2016: Pretty much what you would expect from a Weird Al film. It was dumb, yet still funny.

maorimite r (fr) wrote: love bruce lee,even if his movies are stink.

Allan C (au) wrote: "Let the cartoooooooooooon begin!" Sorry, but for my generation William Marshall is best remembered as The King of Cartoons from Pee Wee's Playhouse, but little did I realize that he was originally the super cool vampire Prince Mamuwalde AKA Blacula! Marshall returns in this sequel that's surprisingly good. Having been vanquished at the end of the first film, Blacula is resurrected by a drug dealer who wants to use Blacula to exact his revenge. Blacula instead turns the dealer into part of a vampire army he commands for his own ends, part of which is securing Pam Grier, who hadn't broke out yet with "Coffy" which was released this same year. The vampires are creepy, the voodoo themed storyline is entertaining, and the film features a strong leads in Marshall and Grier. Overall, this is pretty silly blaxploitation film, but it's also quite entertaining in a camp sort of way. And look fast for Craig T. Nelson as a police sergeant.

Anthony V (es) wrote: A little too 70's for me. Nice gag at the end though.

Jennifer T (fr) wrote: Interesting movie about a young student and his Nazi neighbor.

Ionnis D (nl) wrote: An interesting take on found footage horror that struggled in its noble attempt to stand out from its predecessors. The movie had a lot of promise with the gorgeously refreshing setting of Jerusalem and the addition of the "not so google - google glass" features, but fell short on a creative approach to pay its dues to what should have very much amplified the experience of this horror style. It was a shame to watch these visually stimulating features be tossed away merely as a plot device, given very little creative lee-way to genuinely add to the story and overall horror of the film. The attempt at an apocalyptic war between hell and earth with an all out frenzy between zombie-demon spawns and military forces fell short in small scale executions and unoriginal scenes too closely reminiscent of REC/Quarantine. There were a lot of opportunities missed for me, but non bigger than the later underground scene that relied too heavily on cheap scares and an underwhelming attempt at dread (reminiscent throughout most of the movie -- also very reminiscent to the scene with stone-demon creatures in a similarly placed segment in As Above So Below), a painful experience amplified not by the reveal of the necessity of the "google glass" in the story plot, but by the ear-grating panting of the lead protagonist as terror ensued.As with any up and coming horror movie hitting theatres, I was very much excited to hear of an independent new film taking on the found footage apocalyptic style. As suggested earlier in this review, I absolutely enjoyed the beautiful scenery and nightlife culture of Jerusalem, as well as the "google glass" feature which added to my sheer enjoyment of such a refreshing take on the genre. With disappointments and all, I found myself fairly entertained throughout most of the movie yet under stimulated by its execution.

Cassandra M (us) wrote: Mother's Day is not only one of the earliest productions from Troma Studios, but it is also one of their more accomplished efforts (which, to be honest, isn't difficult given some of the absolute tripe they have made since they began). Although the film at first appears to be your typical Kaufmann/Herz trash, with amateurish acting, cartoonish characters, and an occasional attempt at puerile humour (the scene with the gormless stud left naked in the baseball field is a good example of this), it gradually develops into an irresistible combination of dark satire and straight-up, nasty exploitation. Part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, part Last House on the Left, part I Spit On Your Grave, and part Friday the 13th, with just a little bit of Deliverance thrown in for good measure, Mother's Day is a gleefully twisted take on the popular backwoods horror sub-genre. Deep in the wilderness, 'mother' can enjoy all that she considers good about the city (popular culture via TV, and cheap consumer goods) without actually having to live there; the only drawback is that she lives in constant fear of attack from her savage sister Queenie, who lives wild in the woods. Fortunately she is protected by her two devoted and demented homicidal sons, Ike (Holden McGuire) and Addley (Billy Ray McQuade). In order to keep her boys in tip-top fighting condition, she has trained them in the art of combat, using abducted hitch-hikers and back-packers to practise their techniques on. The terrible twosome bite off more than they can chew, however, when they kidnap three young women who are spending their weekend camping in the area: after one of the girls is raped and murdered by the sicko siblings, the remaining pair plan their escape and wreak bloody vengeance on their captors (attacking them with a variety of objects, including an axe, a TV set, and some Drano!). With its wicked parody of consumerism (the hideous family greedily devour junk food and collect mass-produced merchandising), wry swipes at new-age thinking and motherhood, and a fun 'surprise' ending, this film manages to be smarter than your average Troma tat, whilst still delivering the raw violence and sleaze that fans demand. What a shame Troma didn't continue in this vein, rather than resorting to churning out countless Z-grade B-movies designed to appeal to undiscerning adolescents.