A five-year-old named Grace creates an imaginary friend, because her parents only pay attention to the new baby, Tony. Now at 35, his sole friend reappears to help her.

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Chris D (au) wrote: From the trailer it raises eyebrows of horror fans, in interest

Abby N (de) wrote: I cannot comprehend why such a low score for a good film. Why what's wrong with it?It tells a story which is not nonsense, it actually happened and the acting OK isn't Oscar winning but isn't rubbish. I've seen very much worse.It's atmospheric and it holds a memory to the people of Pripyat. OK so the story is fabricated or is it? Who knows for real if there are people that survived and became strange inhospitable beings? Hmm, there could be some truth in that, after all world governments have a tendency of covering things up.The film is just a joy to see the unspoilt place of Pripyat as it is now. I would certainly love to take a visit here!The makers in my opinion did an excellent job on making this film and it is certainly no insult to the people of Pripyat in making this film. On the contrary it is a reminder and a memory.And while I'm at it what a brilliant track by Marilyn Mason while the end credits roll.

Pauline W (kr) wrote: If you leave someone you used to love, at least, find a good reason. Or find an excuse to convince yourself first. I can't see any in this movie. What I see is a coward who enjoys the body of a young lady, enjoys the coffee & tea at home, enjoys being called daddy. Simply hate cowards of this kind.

Alan W (us) wrote: I think I would've been a lot harsher in this review if not for 2 reasons. One, this is the third in-flight film I see on a flight to HK where the 2 other films were rubbish (see below), so in comparison, this looks like a masterpiece. And two, I recently went to see an 'interpretation' of what a Hollywood Rom-Com would look like in French called Heartbreakers and while my friends enjoyed it, I didnt - as much - because all the problems and un-realism of Rom-Com's were still there and they bug the hell out of me. Not that this HK version of 'Rom-Com' doesnt have the same problems but if we are to be more generous whenever we have to watch subtitles, why not one in my own language? So yes this is a variation of the Rom-Com formula, mixed in with some very local colours and characters that most HK cinema-goers will be all too familiar with but the end result is sweet and not totally predictable. On the other hand, the lead actress does seem to have graduated from the Barbara Bach school of acting...

Karen P (ag) wrote: Pretty slow movie, but not too bad of a story.

Marc (fr) wrote: 83%It's good, not as preachy as everyone has said.

Josh F (it) wrote: Have yet to see this chick do less-than-awesome work.

David A (fr) wrote: (from The Watermark 09/14/95) Angus (George C. Scott, Kathy Bates, Rita Moreno): Like a John Hughes film with style, or a palatable Revenge of the Nerds, Angus is the sweet tale of an overweight high school outcast and how he learns to accept himself. Can any gay people find parallels in this story? Been there; done that! POST-REVIEW 11/24/2009: I have no recollection of seeing this film. As in, the video graphic looks vaguely familiar, but I cannot remember ANYTHING about this film. If it didn't make that much of an impression, that's probably not a good thing.

Tim D (ag) wrote: John woo's Best Hong Kong film a Action classic

Garrett C (es) wrote: Steven Soderbergh's directorial debut was already a mature work that signaled a new and fresh talent, but unfortunately the most memorable element of the film is its much parodied title style. The film seems to have both a lot and too little to say on human sexuality and relationships. The film is remarkably well acted and shot, however.

Ben T (gb) wrote: 5* rating = sum(heroes the movie - sunny deol)The movie had strong emotions, got a tear to me eye even... sunny deol ruined the movie, great script and 1/3 part was brilliant. they could have skipped the useless sfx, were cheap and unnecessary in a movie like this. the first story of salman+preity was the best!

Scott J (ru) wrote: Jack's character in this may be even more insane than his character in The Shining.

Era M (ca) wrote: De las primeras road movies y creo que de las mejores. Un guion lleno de increibles momentos y plagado de situaciones muy graciosas pero muy correctas. Que puedo decir ante un gran clasico.

Grainne P (nl) wrote: Yet another wartime classic. There's a theme developing...

nipp s (ru) wrote: This is exactly what sequels were in the 80's.... Lets take something awesome and make it slightly kid friendlier and lets do it quick before the iron goes cold.... So this film is a lot more campy than the first and unlike the first he isn't fighting a serpent Darth Vader, so it's not great. And I had the biggest crush on Olivia D'Abo when I was a kid. Although I just called her "That blonde chick from Conan" until I looked up her name 5 min ago.

Jacob M (ca) wrote: Why was this film ever made? Aside from an extremely funny moment involving Linus's blanket, I found Snoopy Come Home to be a disgrace to the Peanuts name. A story about Snoopy running away from home was not funny. It's just plain boring. Even Snoopy, Woodstock, and even Charlie Brown couldn't save this mess. Even worse are The Sherman Brother songs, which are definitely the worst songs they've ever written (COME ON! "Snoopy Come Home" was super annoying!). Don't get me wrong. I love the Peanuts (especially Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown Christmas), but this was atrociously bad.