Day of the Evil Gun

Day of the Evil Gun

Two men on a desperate search to save a woman only one of them could have!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rescue,   gunfight,   mexican,  

A woman and two children are kidnapped by Apaches. The husband of the captured woman enlists the help of his neighbor to find the Apaches that seized his family; not knowing his neighbor has unknown reasons of his own for helping him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan C (br) wrote: Not the worst film ever but it's not great

Chani (fr) wrote: it's got funny moments =) . movie reminds me of the Cellular movie.

Chad W (ru) wrote: looks kinda crappy but cant resist the jk simmons

Perrine B (kr) wrote: delire lol.une bonne petit comedie sympa

Lucas N (ca) wrote: This movie definitely had the potential to be great, but instead chose to make me feel as if I was in a fourth grade history lesson.

Indu R (jp) wrote: This movie was as good as the last one. Same acting and same kind of plot. The action as always is good.

Teena P (us) wrote: how can i wtch this on the net for free without havn to chhoose parts

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Ryan S (it) wrote: very good film, very enjoyable

Andrew C (kr) wrote: Ugh...not horrible by any means...just not good either.

Tiina S (es) wrote: Catherine Zeta-Jones & Ewan McGregor, too bad that they dont make more movie together.

Serkan F (nl) wrote: it reminded me the film: 'This is England'. Thatcher's England, skin-heads, doc perkins...nice to see the young terms of such british actors: tim roth, gary oldman, and alfred molina. also good to see phil daniels' performance. all of them were great.

Michael H (us) wrote: Reasonably good, kind of cute documentary.

Don S (ru) wrote: A strange film. Slightly creepy, part supernatural, all done with pan flute music in the background. The question for me remains, what did in fact happen at Hanging Rock?

Alex W (ag) wrote: burt lancaster and kirk douglas are 2 of the manliest men ever on screen

Nick G (fr) wrote: My rating of this film is based almost entirely on the filmmaker's ability to create decent characters you hope will survive, a nearly-impossible feat in most slasher movies. The majority of the characters have quirks that make them interesting rather than unlikeable and help to make them infinitely more interesting than 99% of the characters in similar films.It doesn't hurt that Tobe Hooper FINALLY gets a decent performance out of Angela Bettis. Helping the movie's cause are instances of gratuitous Rance Howard. Sheri Moon's appearance is also fun and notable because it comes in a movie not directed by her husband.This film probably could've been a classic, but the plot itself tends to be meandering up until a somewhat-contrived origin for the building (though it would probably make Stantz and Spengler proud), then meanders again.

bill s (kr) wrote: I was surprised Hathaway held her own opposite Streep but she does in this witty dark comedy.

Alice (ag) wrote: Title card: Tess of the d'Urbervilles was hanged in the city of Wintoncester aforetime capital of Wessex