Day Trip

Day Trip

A master (Song Kang-ho) and his student (Jeon Hyo-jung) visit a mountain to practice pansori following a music competition that left the trainee disappointed.

A master (Song Kang-ho) and his student (Jeon Hyo-jung) visit a mountain to practice pansori following a music competition that left the trainee disappointed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank S (gb) wrote: I like SF, but this one sucks! The overall plot sounds good, but the movie is hard to follow. If I hadn't read the synopsis first I wouldn't have been able to follow it at all. Too much jumping around. Think of three Star Wars movies jammed into an hour and twenty minutes. Not enough time for back story. The only thing good I can say is that the visual effects were reasonably good.

Alex r (gb) wrote: Fans of the original will surely love this follow up, but it is never anything great. Day Watch is good, but leaves a lot be desired. I thought that the film was well constructed with a prominent sense of style, which is a trademark of Bekmambetov's films. Day Watch in many ways is a better film than Night Watch because it expands on the story established in the first entry. Night Watch was a film that was all over the place with its plot and relied on its visual style to create its entertainment value. Although similar, this film tones down on heavy special effects and focusing more on storytelling. But that's not saying that effects are not prominent in the film. There are plenty of scenes that have effects and are quite exciting, but the plot is better thought out here and the film is a more focused, more detailed movie. The performances are good and there are aspects of the film should appeal genre fans. However as a whole, the sequel doesn't break any new ground in terms of vampire lore. I enjoyed the film, but I felt it could have been better and it was on par with the original. Visually striking, with toned down effects and a good story, Day Watch is a worthwhile follow up to Night Watch. Fans of the first film will most likely enjoy this entry and it boasts some effective action and tense, horrifying scenes that will certainly delight genre fans. Either way you slice it, these films are only mildly entertaining, and won't be seen as classics of the genre. With that said, this is worth seeing for mindless entertainment value, but if you're looking for a standout feature, you'll sadly be disappointed.

Matt M (gb) wrote: A little girl becomes friends with a magical friendly water monster. Pretty dull and forgettable, though it has its occasional heart warming moments.

Allison B (jp) wrote: I didn't like this one much. One that Zack and Kelly weren't a couple so thats what made this movie suck. The scenery is pretty though wish I was there... It's okay the usual cheesy lame acts they do on the show lol

peter t (it) wrote: A beautifully filmed and choreographed martial art film and probably one of Jet Li's best. The trilogy is one of my favourites with tsui hark able to capture political and social issues alongside the martial arts in a very stylistic way

Jamie P (fr) wrote: This movie was good, it did make me laugh in some parts I love this movie! It's filled with heartfelt passionate moments. I wish I could praise it more but I just can't, All I have to say is watch the movie and you'll understand, unless you're a man then you probably wont get the same reaction.

Alex W (br) wrote: Although Dennis Quaid does a good job the story ultimately boils down to white guy plays black music and gets famous then looses it all by marrying his 13 year old cousin.

James O (ag) wrote: Although by todays' standards ( 2017) the special effects show their age, it's still a feel good movie.

Ross M (de) wrote: A really bad Gremlins rip-off.

Kok Hoong F (ag) wrote: viewed on 7/9/04 (Tues) I used to go ga-ga over Tsui Hark's movies and I confidently claimed that he is our Eastern Steven Spielberg. I like ONCE UPON IN CHINA and SWORDSMAN. I love his BUTTERFLY LOVERS. I LOVE GREEN SNAKE. I even love a little unknown film by him called THE BLADE. I also love some of the films produced by him which have his directing style like NEW DRAGON GATE INN and A CHINESE GHOST STORY. That is of course before he was somehow 'destroyed' by Hollywood. PEKING OPERA BLUES is an action-comedy and it was only a preview to what a brilliant entertainer Tsui Hark was about to become. The laughs and action are wall-to-wall! I was captivated not only by the sly humour but a very well-written tight script that leaves not even a second for the viewers to feel bored. Yet it is still able to squeeze in some heartfelt moments of patrotism, sisterhood love and romance. It is a great achievement in wondorous entertainment and if Hollywood has a chance to release this and his other movies in US, they will be very pleasantly surprised. Forget about DOUBLE TEAM and KNOCK OFF!I was very tempted to give a grade A to this film because it reminds so much of all the good films made by Tsui Hark, my long lost idol. Wherever you are, idol, I hope you know I really missed movies you used to make. Ok. Maybe not a grade A but ...Rating: A-

David S (it) wrote: Headstrong, naive woman decides to get married, then meets a man she wants to pursue in this comfortably talky French drama. Slight but at times quite soulful.

Holly M (es) wrote: Nothing ground breaking, but has its moments of entertainment

Micki B (it) wrote: Pam Grier was a treat after being away for so long. Tarentino's work shines, with brilliant performances by all.

Timm S (it) wrote: So 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' Got Exported To France?? ..I Could Tell Where This Was Going Within The First 10-15 Minutes. Pretty Much Lost My Interest From There-On. For A Cook That Brings Secret Family "Spicy" Recipes To France It Was All VERY Bland. Typical & Cliche, Even Mirran Looked Bored In Her (Bad French Accent) Role. I'm Not A Fan Of Food Porn, So The Moody (Classical) Or Rhythmic (Indian) Music Against All This Clash Of Culinary Cuisne Just Gave Me A Stomach Ache. Ugh!! This Critic Does Not Recommend You Try!!

Scott M (es) wrote: One of the more intelligent haunted ship movies. I really liked the sets and the characters.