After committing a murder, a man locks himself in his apartment and recollects the events the led him to the killing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Daybreak torrent reviews

Steven G (us) wrote: A truly eye opening documentary that hits many aspects of what is wrong with the healthcare system in the US.

Penni F (fr) wrote: With only four characters throughout this movie, it was like watching a play that was filmed. The lighting is dark, but I am sure the intent was for mood purposes. With twists and turns, the truth about the death of Patrick's parents is revealed. The ending was strange to me. This was the first movie I saw where Joe Lando swears. I was so used to the sweetness and politeness of Sully in Dr Quinn, that it was almost shocking. LOL To each his own taste in movies. I actually thought it was good.

Lee B (it) wrote: I didnt think i would like this...i saw alot of bad reviews and low scores...well forget all those...i watched it, and it was good.. the acting and special effects were great... maybe it helped i went in with low expectations...but i really enjoyed it

Jeremiah W (gb) wrote: cool movie like how its on here :-)

Yvan C (us) wrote: Trs sympa et impressionnant par son ralisme! A voir!

Bryan J (it) wrote: All things considered, this movie was somewhat likeable. BUT, there were plenty of inexcusable plot issues to downgrade the experience. The film moved way too fast for its own fast that it forgot a great deal of character development. But that said, there is still enough to be enjoyed for one watch. Makes for a decent rent...not much more.

Jarek M (kr) wrote: "How happy is the blameless vestal's lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd..."

Mark N (es) wrote: This was a reasonably funny film. Made for adults, with sex, drugs, lots of swearing and an elephant on speed. If you like animated films, then give this a go. As far as animation goes, it was a refreshing change from the bug-eyed furry animals and superheores you normally see.

Melissa G (br) wrote: River Phoenix died in 1993 and this was his final film! It has just been released and I am looking forward to seeing it!

Jacob B (fr) wrote: Just because its Tom Green....

Karl M (ag) wrote: Harvey Keitel is a badass and a criminal, and after a heist goes wrong (well, the heist goes OK, it's the rest that goes wrong), he badassedly pursues the jackass who caused all the problems. Watchable, pretty enjoyable, not especially memorable. In fact, I watched this for the second time recently, and only clued in about 10 minutes in that I'd actually seen this one before.

Alec B (kr) wrote: One of the cheesiest, most stereotypical, low grade 80s films I've ever seen.

Richard Y (mx) wrote: Love the actors, but no great film!

Martin C (de) wrote: Saw this on British tv years ago and loved it. Now very happy find a region 2 DVD on Amazon from USA (bizarrely). Now I can enjoy the accomplished Peter Ustinov and Maggie Smith in this beautifully eccentric '60s crime caper

Guido S (gb) wrote: I remember liking this movie when I first saw it a while back. Age has not been kind to it. Funny to think someone thought that was how computers worked. Pretty simple story, bad dude wants to cause chaos so he blames it on an unsuspecting innocent person and his friends work together to save him and the day. Some high points are this film has gone to the camp realm and Angelina is great in a early role. Otherwise, not worth seeing again.

Mike P (es) wrote: I actually enjoyed this more than most other reviewers. I thought the actors/actresses were believable and it kept me interested (though it definitely dragged a bit)