Daydream Obsession

Daydream Obsession

In this sequel to the ever-so-campy, wanna-be gay soft porn, Daydream Obsession, the naked-body-obsessed Clayton (Joseph Dain), whose previous demented daydreams turned to kidnapping and bondage nearly destroyed his friendship in the last film with his straight roommate Brian, now turns his fixated attentions upon his boyfriend Luke, who he suspects is cheating on him. Will the relationship survive Clayton's delusional fantasies? Written by Joe Fowler

Clayton has a problem with his roommate Brian... he's secretly in love with him! Blinded by passion, he can't tell the difference between his daydream fantasies and reality. Can he control his desire or will he cross the line? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Otageemeur L (ag) wrote: This movie has a very good view of how life can be miserable in low middle class families and how to deal with your differences. However, it is a very typical movie in my opinion and for me it lacks of emotion - the characters are too annoying and the very slow pace of the movie doesn't help to magically bring feelings...

Callum M (jp) wrote: Avoid at all costs. A terrible, terrible film. The acting is beyond bad and everything feels so cheap. I also don't understand why Dave Batista is the centerpiece of the cover when he is literally in the film for fifth teen minutes. All wrestlers should just leave The Rock to acting.

Lisa S (fr) wrote: It's gonna be alright. But not if you see this movie.

Viresh S (br) wrote: Not bad....not amazing either. Just a good time pass movie.

Steven C (ru) wrote: Stacy Peralta's "Riding Giants" is a near perfect documentary. It's a fascinating, thrilling, intimate and vicariously entertaining look at the history of surfing. It has plenty of information, beautiful images and neat interviews. This has everything that makes documentaries great.

Cronis M (nl) wrote: Characters introduced only to be destroyed when the franchise already has a rich history is lazy writing.

Briain d (br) wrote: A poor adaptation really. Whilst Meryl Streep puts in a typically excellent performance, she cannot save this. "Dancing at Lughnasa", the play, is very significant culturally, but maybe it's just not meant to be done on film. Either way, this film doesn't succeed in achieving what a staging of the drama can do.

Taddy B (us) wrote: Some good scenes worth watching but generally it's just the usual action plot you've seen a thousand times, with the bad guys that can't get one bullet straight out of their big guns while the good guys save the happy ending with one shot.

Ralph R (kr) wrote: It has a Wayans bro.

Patrick S (ru) wrote: After taking a glance at my DVD collection, I've decided the only possible thing I could do that would make less sense than buying all these movies would be to review each and every one of them. So this is the start of what [b]will[/b] take a long, LONG time, wading through the peaks and valleys of my collection.[i]Maniac[/i]Coming in at the end of the '70's exploitation boom, [i]Maniac[/i] is bloody, ugly, dark, and just a little bit crazy. And mysoginistic enough to throw Siskel and Ebert into a fit of rage. In fact, the [i]Maniac [/i]DVD has a collection of awful reviews this movie has recieved. But it does have a gritty charm to it, and excellent gore effects by Tom Savini. Sure, the end is kind of wacky, but it's worth checking out as an entertaining example of the exploitation genre.[i]Touch of Death[/i]I love Lucio Fulci. Love him, love his work. This, however, is Fulci at his lowest point. This movie is bizarre, twisted, voyeuristic garbage about a maniac who attracts wealthy widowers to his home, seduces them, and then murders them. The scenes particularly with the murderer making out with some of the uglier bridge club ladies is just...weird. It looks and feels like bad pornography.[i]Berserk[/i]Great gothic fantasy anime. The animation can be hit and miss in certain situations, as with most TV broadcasts, but overall the story is engaging and well worth a watch for any D&D or Lord of the Rings nerds.[i]Naked Lunch[/i]Cronenberg's woefully underappreciated take on the original novel, mixing both the fiction and the biography of it's author William Burroughs. It's one of those movies were it's effectiveness depends on how you percieve it, kind of like [i]American Psycho.[/i] If you treat it as a comedy with autobiographical elements, it's fantasticly funny. If you treat it like a serious drama, you're probably going to be left in the dark. It bends reality and fantasy, like a lot of great Cronenberg movies, and his take on the Beat era of American literature, and specifically it's use of drugs as a gateway to creativity, is engrossing.[i]Ichi the Killer[/i]Takashi Miike is Japan's most unpredictable filmaker, and [i]Ichi[/i] is just that. It's a mash up of Yakuza movies, comedy, and extreme torture. It works on a visceral level, and Miike's usual subtext lingers just underneath. But unlike some of his other work, what Miike is trying to get at with this menagerie of bizarre characters and situations is a little elusive. Let me just say, that if you became a fan of this director because of this work, then you might be surprised by [i]Audition, Happiness of the Katakuri's, [/i]or [i]Izo.[/i] [i]Ichi[/i] bears much more resemblance to his early work, like [i]Fudo: The New Generation[/i] than his newer stuff.

Sonny N (gb) wrote: Best dirt bike movie ever. Classic for EVER.

Bryon M (jp) wrote: I had heard alot about this some 19 years ago when I was really getting into Hong Kong action cinema (thanks to John Woo). Now I can say after seeing alot of Jackie and Sammo's work that this isn't as good as others but does offer some solid action entertainment. Sammo is really funny at times and there are a couple good fight sequences, but overall this is more silly plot than anything. Overall a decent movie, please see it in it's original language and read the subtitles. Much better than the dub.

Jairo A (mx) wrote: Terror Train is a good movie: good scenes, creepy at times, it keeps you guessing long enough, and the acting was good enough. I'm not rating it higher for two reasons: 1) the acting was a little bit better than average 2) the ending seemed too rushed to me.

Nalle M (au) wrote: interesting plot, but the ending is big anticlimax

Muni A (ca) wrote: I just remembered this movie and how good it was! It's about a bunch of Pakistani lads in Norway, so it's in Norwegian with subtitles. A gangsta type movie and a must see! check it out if u haven't already folks

Campbell P (au) wrote: Very disappointing. Evan Almighty had a great lead character but couldn't be saved by the terrible green screen effects and lacks of common sense. There was so much more that could've been done to make this movie better. C-

Brandon H (us) wrote: this movie have alot of action . it good