A group of armed robbers fleeing the police head for the New Jersey Tunnel and run right into trucks transporting toxic waste. The spectacular explosion that follows results in both ends of the tunnel collapsing and the handful of people who survived the explosion are now in peril. Kit Latura is the only man with the skill and knowledge to lead the band of survivors out of the tunnel before the structure collapses.

A group of armed robbers fleeing the police head for the New Jersey Tunnel and run right into trucks transporting toxic waste. The spectacular explosion collapse both ends of a tunnel, but luckily, one hero tries to help the people inside find their way to safety. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Daylight torrent reviews

Tarja M (ag) wrote: Epilemtt hyvin tehty leffa, mutta ei vaan jaksa katsoa/innostua/kiinnostua.... :/

Javier V (us) wrote: Una bella reflexin sobre esas enfermedades que parecen eternas y sobre la relacin entre hermanos en un mundo en que la homosexualidad pasa a un quintsimo plano. La real naturaleza de la cinta nos lleva a deshumanizarnos para volver a humanizarnos, ver lo bueno que puede tener la vida, que la vida incluye sufrimiento pero sobre todo que podemos luchar muchsimo pero no podemos manejar la vida en s. Grandes actuaciones y una gran y celebrada direccin.

Maha S (jp) wrote: Watched this for Jeremy Renner, Renner's performance as notorious serial killer Jefferey Dahmer is so well done you forget it's a biopic. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it deserves more recognition. Renner has you almost sympathizing with him. A brilliant film.

jack m (es) wrote: The Englishness of it all was terrific!!!

tony h (us) wrote: love it baby scarface

Diana O (br) wrote: Aos de no verla!!!!!!!!!

Michael W (jp) wrote: While it has the occasional spot of accidental humor, it is mostly bland and poorly acted.

Tom A (ag) wrote: el film ms crudo,comico,ilarante de pedro.una gozada!

Akshay M (au) wrote: Most important film ever made. It is so hard to review this movie because it's devastatingly emotional and realistic in every scene. Overall it is among the best acted film ever and my god Timothy hutton was absolutely exceptional, actually he brings everything about how difficult it is to be a teenager at times when you're in such situation. This film seriously opened my mind. One of the best ever, A True Masterpiece.

Steph O (nl) wrote: Elvis's character was such an asshole in this movie - but oh man... the music is awesome.