Days of 36

Days of 36

The assassin of a prominent trade unionist takes a conservative MP hostage and the government prevaricates over tactics so as not to alienate potential political allies.

It is 1936 in Greece, shortly before the Metaxas' dictatorship. A former drug trafficker and police informer, Sofianos, is in prison because of the assassination of a trade unionist during ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisa J (it) wrote: I know so many people who frac. Fracking is all around me. This movie is MUCH more accurate than Gasland.

Ryan B (gb) wrote: Jude Law is really good in this. Unfortunately, the movie itself, while well made, lacks any sort of enjoyable story. Watch Bronson instead.

Nishlank J (jp) wrote: Senseless rubbish...

Anoop P (ru) wrote: This movie looked more like a Priyadarsan movie.. Too many people and a complete mess of a climax.. Songs were alright.. Humor was ok at times.. Acting, well Mithun was my favorite out of the lot.Kids would definitely enjoy.. Otherwise, complete waste of time.

Marcela G (it) wrote: Ascetismo y devocin, Rutina y Discipliina. Sorprendente narracin casi sin palabras, hermossima fotografa (sometida a reglas estrictas pero no por ello similar al Dogma) y el tiempo... que trastoca la lgica urbana. Neutral, pero no por ello invita menos a la reflexin. Menos torturante de lo imaginado... pero s demandante.

Corey W (es) wrote: This is a solid documentary in that it tells the truth: kids these days are very stupid.

Joey H (ag) wrote: dangerfield is good,so i got to see it.

Chris B (nl) wrote: Boyz N the Hood is a great film that is still just as relevant today as it was the day it was made. Highly recommended.

Sara P (ca) wrote: Cool......gotta see it again.

The M (ca) wrote: I'm watching it right now.

TheMumblelover (us) wrote: A good film for the Steptoe duo with wonderful support by carolyn Seymour, its funny, entertaining and even a tad touching

Pouyan S (ca) wrote: A true masterpiece from Sergio Leone! Everything is spectacular about this movie and perhaps the peak of Western genre.

David H (de) wrote: Another Amusing Romantic Comedy directed by the Master Ernst Lubitsch about Fredric March & Gary Cooper as Two Writers who fall in Love with the same Woman played by the lovely Miriam Cooper who twist up their Heads and is torn between having Fun with them and marry a Solid Citizen to live a Sober Life. She is also critizing the Books of their Fellas in Love and always rate them Rotten.

Renee R (kr) wrote: A very strange movie