Days of Youth

Days of Youth

Students Watanabe and Yamamoto unknowingly compete for the same girl.

Students Watanabe and Yamamoto unknowingly compete for the same girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Merista K (de) wrote: for me, one of finest bollywood movies so far. Not too cliche or cheesy, heartwarming and great in every aspect. Nice job.

Douglas D (kr) wrote: really good documentary of rap music history, i would watch over and over again

Peyton R (br) wrote: Cried during this movie and I throughly enjoyed it!

Karen N (br) wrote: Wow. I am so inspired by this film. Incredible!

Greg T (gb) wrote: Definitely a problem child

Peter F (us) wrote: Roman Polanski's debut feature examples how the filmmaker had a masterful knack for tension right at the start of his career, but it's the more subtle elements that really make Knife in the Water a classic. A minimalist film in both cast and location, the film uses its trio of actors to explore themes regarding class and gender, all done in a way that's nerve-racking without being bombastic. Outstanding cinematography too, with Polanksi really generating the film ethos through close-up shots and deep-focus framing, and the film still contains some of the most unforgettable imagery of his career. A masterpiece of Polish cinema, that introduced the world to one of the late 20th century's most accomplished artists.

jay n (mx) wrote: Saucy little mystery with a great collection of 40's blond wisecracking dames and of course the great Stanwyck. Even the usually vapid O'Shea is more animated and entertaining than his norm, this is probably his best screen performance.

DC F (us) wrote: I thoroughly liked this film. I remember it coming on TV many times and never vgot tired of it. Wholesome and enjoyable.

bill s (us) wrote: Great story concept they ripped off from Lucas and Jackson but wholly genetic.