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Stephen C (nl) wrote: Forget waht you think you know about Americas war on drugs,This documantary shows how that war has become a skewed one with the nations jails filling up with more and more people and the law enforcers losing faith in there own system.Director Eugene Jarecki begins his story with Richard Nixon pushing through tough laws to control drug use in America.What is not widely know and that the film revals is that Nixon also spend a huge amount of money on the treatment of drug abuse and how later presidents cut back on this part of the deal in order to focus on the war.Jarecki shows that if your poor or a memeber of a miniority you have greater chance of going to prison for drug offences than someone who is well off.We see prisoners being given life sentences for carrying a small bag of Crystal meth and how there lives and the lives of their families aredestroyed by such harsh sentencing.Jarecki shows that with a father in prison or absent that the sons and daughters are doomed to follow the same path and with over 45 million addicts imprisoned since the start of the war on drugs its a fairly bleak and crowded path.The film reaches some shocking conclusions including the fact that many prison wardens and policemen see there role as essentially self defeating and who they feel a more compassionate approach is required in the country is to solve its drug crime problem.The whole drug war has been fuelled by paranoia and fear and this film seeks to destroy the myths surrounding that war are in the end try to change for the better.A film which offers great insight into a very thorny subject

Lu P (fr) wrote: by their words, all this doctors may convince a lot of people but if you have a little knowledge on medicine or Nutrition you should at least be suspicious bout them. When you see, at the very end of the movie the list of the "inspirators" of the movie, and read Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey i.e. you should kill yourself for this big waste of time.

Krystal W (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed the gore. The visual effects were done excellently! The story itself was a great one? but I don?t think it was as well executed as it should have been. I?m not quite sure what it was, but it was definitely something that left me feeling a bit like? ?oh??which is odd, because I loved the concept and everything. The ?Mr Skinny? scenes were fantastic! I just wanted to see more and more of him. Overall I?d say it was worth the watch, and a good one for all things disgusting :D

Emily M (es) wrote: I've watched war of the worlds,but war of the worlds 2! That's crazy!

rayconteur (br) wrote: Very difficult but well worth the watch.

Wahyu S (nl) wrote: nice twisted horror..

nimo l (jp) wrote: love the songs and actor and act

Garry A (ca) wrote: Having stayed in a few of these kinda motels over the years, this one struck a nerve! Very effective Hitchcockian chiller that loses it a little in the final act.

Andr D (br) wrote: Un "chick-flick" lleno de cliches e irregularidades que se destaca por una solida actuacion por parte de Geena Davis. La sinopsis que se presenta aqui es la biografia de B Angie B y no es de esta cinta.

Brett C (au) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:White tells the story of a male Polish hairdresser, Karol, who was left by his wife, Dominique, with nothing. He deals with this loss by going back to Poland and rebuilding himself.The first I noticed when going through this film was how light it all felt, all the weight that I felt on the director's previous film, Blue, were mostly lifted. I wasn't so much disappointed with the change in tone as there are many moments in this film where the plot and narrative benefited from it, but I was underwhelmed by Kieslowski's execution. The director couldn't seem to make me feel comprehensively invested to the protagonist, as I personally felt he wasn't explored enough and the intentions of the character wasn't truly clear to me throughout. Thankfully I enjoyed the journey that the protagonist has taken, as we get to see him start off on the bottom of the world, figuratively speaking of course, and building himself up slowly to becoming a respectable and "fulfilled" man. He doesn't reach this stage without playing dirty of course, Karol is still a normal human being and would do whatever he can in order to get ahead, but it was handled in such a way that we don't think less of him. I saw this rebuilding as just a constructive coping mechanism towards the tragic loss he just suffered, and I think in a way all of what he has made for himself was all for her or at least something to prove to her. During the film's third act, we can see that he is still in pain and even though he could get anything he wants there is still a void in him that hasn't been filled, and that is love. It was her love that he has always wanted, and he blames himself for not being able to show and prove that to her during their marriage. For Karol, content doesn't come from wealth, respect and fame, it comes from Dominique.The film's photography was also a major change from the first film of the trilogy. Colors seem to be warmer, and the color seems to dominate a lot of the film's images, possibly enforcing the idea of purity and beauty. It connects really well with the film's plot and narrative, making certain situations coming off as comically charged rather than dire, giving us a glimpse of how the film would feel during its resolution. The score also was change from the previous film, switching from the grand and dramatic tone to something much lighter and sharper. I found the score to be effective, particularly during the moments where the film wants us to feel sorry for Karol or when he examines or thinks about his one true love, Dominique. We are able to understand his fascination with her, and the music helps support that.Zbigniew Zamachowski plays the film's protagonist, Karol. He was wonderful in the role, though it wasn't at the same level of amazing as Binoche in Blue. The actor was able to manipulate my feelings towards the character, with one moment feeling highly sorry then the next moment feeling proud of what he has become. He was able to change the appearance of his exterior while keeping his internal qualities the same. Julie Delpy was also pretty good in the role, but it would have been better if she was given a bit more screen time; then again this is Karol's story, not hers.White may not be a step up as I hoped it would be from Blue, but it's still a great piece of work from Kieslowski. Hopefully Red would be at least just as good as this, if not better.

Mathew F (it) wrote: very,very ordinary..even by the low standards set by the first two.

Imran K (mx) wrote: If you like hunting elephants then this is definitely the film for you.

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: Just couldn't get into it. Found it to be very dull.

Ice R (it) wrote: The perfect film when you are looking for racism.

RiP M (jp) wrote: What better setting is there for a soap opera than amongst royalty? Grand palace intrigue is a bit stuff, but well-acted and sudsy enough to be fun.

J K (de) wrote: Michael Landon makes as about a scary werewolve as he did an angel.

Luke B (de) wrote: All rather boring- the premise was so interesting and I was very excited to see the outcome. Shame I did, because it was intensely unterrifying. Scares are predictable. Character motivations confusing, at best, moronic at worst. Not worth renting. Skip.

John S (gb) wrote: Not much plot, but then again the laid-back pacing offers plenty of time to hang out with Adam and Eve, the world's coolest vampires. When a fellow vamp shows up, trouble ensues -- but mostly it's an excuse for more onscreen fun.

Tony P (es) wrote: I enjoyed this way to much i don't know if it wasn't the cinema I was in because everyone laughed with me but god this was such a great film I laughed the trailer wasn't to good never will a trailer be a movie pixels was lived up to me as one of Sandler and best and will be there grown ups 3 surely isn't.

Anne T (ag) wrote: Sweet but not moving.