Beautiful successful photographer battles evil half-sisters and evil land developers to keep the family ranch intact, following her father's death. In the midst of all this, she finds love and fulfillment.

Beautiful successful photographer battles evil half-sisters and evil land developers to keep the family ranch intact, following her father's death. In the midst of all this, she finds love and fulfillment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rameshwar N (ru) wrote: Rooster fighting is an age old custom in many parts of India and it evokes a sense of pride and a means of revenge for most people involved. Here the location is a rural part of Tamil Nadu a southern state in India. It is brilliantly written and a decent effort put in research on the subject shows. It features well written characters portrayed even superbly by a cast of mostly unknown actors. Dhanush has a real gift in acting which gets rarely utilized in this over commercial industry and this is one such occasion. There was room for improvement mostly in the post production part of editing and dubbing. The romantic angle of Karuppu with an Anglo Indian girl, though well written drags a bit. It takes up criminal screentime when some other plot was just about to thicken. The guy playing the lead negative character should be given a mention as the result of what goes on in his mind drives the entire story. His depiction of ego, jealousy, betrayal and manipulation was so hard hitting and real and coming ftom a new face without a known history of histrionics was very fresh. Overall it is a milestone for Tamil cinema and an excellent work by the director who had an impressive debut with Polladavan, here he does an even better job.

Jamie B (kr) wrote: All the feels. One of the best movies I watched this past year.

tim s (ag) wrote: interesting but confusing

Nana P (ru) wrote: A venezuelan pride. A must see!

George W (nl) wrote: A Film about Gendre confusion / identify which is a subject facing people everyday. A drag actor looses his job when the theatre allows women on stage. The acting is good, but they storyline not so much

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Kyle B (ru) wrote: This is one chilling film. Robin Williams is amazing in this giving one of his very best performances. The cinematography, art direction, and direction are truly magnificent to make this film even more creepier adding on to Williams' chilling performance

Bryan G (de) wrote: A friend of mine is making a really cool looking scarecrow costume for Halloween, which got me to thinking if there were any good horror films involving these useful farm tools. A quick search on Netflix didn't bring up too many hopeful prospects, but I did stumble on William Wesley's 1988 horror film Scarecrows. The description was pretty decent, with a bunch of robbers taking refuge in an abandoned farmhouse and a bunch of scarecrows coming to life and killing them. But any promise this idea had quickly went to waste with this film's many problems. I was hoping the film had a Night of the Living Dead sort of vibe to it, but it doesn't. The robbers of the film aren't typical bank robbers, but rather a bunch of thieves who stole money from a military base and then took two people hostage (a pilot and his daughter) and jetted out of there. One of the men decides he wants all the money for himself, so he parachutes out of the plane and lands in the area with a farmhouse. His fellow robbers land the plane, and the film continues on from there. Scarecrows has a rather unlikable cast of characters. None of the robbers were people I cared for, and the pilot and his daughter were as uninteresting as possible. So once the killing started up, I couldn't find the ability to care about any of these people. I will admit that I was looking forward to seeing some of these people die, but the film displays a rather unimaginative level of violence that puts its interesting premise to waste and very unsatisfying. The scarecrow designs are decent. The opening of the film features the best looking of all the scarecrows, whose face looks as if burlap was glued or sewn to an actual human face. But other than their creepy appearance, they aren't the least bit frightening in action. In fact, I think seeing the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz get torn apart by those flying monkeys was far more frightening than anything these scarecrows could dish out. Through the past two decades Scarecrows has become a bit of a cult classic among some horror fans. It has some qualities to it that I liked, but the film's weak writing and poorly developed characters made this one hard for me to get into. Anyone know of a good horror film with a scarecrow in it?

Kirk E (gb) wrote: In which a group of models and photographers, while out on a shoot, unearth the spirit of a sadistic madman. I kinda hope they use this idea in the next season of Project Runway.

Farhan K (it) wrote: Why can't they produce movies like this anymore...