A fairy takes on human form and enters the life of a widowed children's book author and his daughter.

A fairy takes on human form and enters the life of a widowed children's book author and his daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James W (ag) wrote: The plan for this seems to be "the louder you shout your lines the funnier it is" Anchorman 2 is a big let down and is too long, with not enough gags that are actually funny (and not just the cast shouting)

Amethyst v (au) wrote: Romantic girlie movie about a divorce woman facing life at 40.

Becky S (kr) wrote: Its ok this film but I really do prefer the likes of The Firm and Football Factory.

Cameron F (ru) wrote: same pathetic teenage melodramatic attemps at drama and comedy. And seeing as i live in brighton i can see too many inconsistencies. Although saying that there is no excuse for the terrible accents.

Arnold P (de) wrote: The ethereally beautiful Ryuhei Matsuda plays Jun Ariyoshill, sent to an impossibly photogenic juvenile detention centre after he kills and subsequently horrifically mutilates a guy after a one-night stand.Although the movie contains some startling imagery (Juns heart pierced by a ray of sunlight, the wardens office within a picture frame, the seductively geometric communal cells) I found it difficult to stay with this extraordinary piece of cinema. Part of my mind was screaming emperors new clothes! whilst my visual cortex was being lovingly massaged. You can forget about conventional plotting character development and expository dialogue for, as one review I read said "its a miike film" -what do you expect?Well, if you expect to be; Frustrated. Confused. Misdirected. but also Awed. Startled. Exhilarated & Exhausted-This will be right up your street. And if you cant tell whether I liked it or not -.thats probably because I cant either, but Im sure as hell going to find it hard to lose some of the weird, seductive images that this movies left in my brain.

Leonardo Malacay S (fr) wrote: No es una gran pelcula, pero es una sobre la Callas!!!

Nicholas H (mx) wrote: Another good documentary about the rather unfortunate events that occurred after the vert skating demigod Mark "Gator" Rogowski lost his money, fame and mind - resulting in a brutal rape and homicide. Some interesting interviews with all the big guns of the 80s/90s scene, raw skating footage and phone calls from Mark in prison.

Wirkola F (es) wrote: La pelcula es mala que es buena.

Jason D (au) wrote: In true 80's Charles Bronson action movie fashion, there contains those same by-the-books guidelines that you see in all of them: Bronson's slick overcoming of obstacles with ease, overly one-dimensional villains, and an onslaught of unnecessary violence...not that I'm complaining of course. In Messenger of Death, our third rule kicks in immediately, when two shadowy figures come across a Mormon polygamist's farm and blow away all the wives and children with shotguns. The massacre is big news, needless to say, and has Chicago police working the case, believing the problem to stem from a long standing feud between the Beecham brothers, three clans of Mormom separatists. Soon enough, reporter Bronson starts his own investigation, which leads to more than just a family feud of course, and digging further to a villain that's now the world's greatest threat these days: wealthy, white-collar, anglo-saxon criminals! Lots of killing and hilarious 80's action ensues in this by-the-numbers Bronson film. If you've seen one 80's Bronson movie, you've seen them all honestly. I will admit the Mormon angle was a bit interesting, but like all other religions, they're just kooky. Bronson never branched out of his comfort zone and was content with delivering meat and potatoes style films throughout the rest of his career. Not bad; it certainly worked, as I've grown quite a fondness for Bronson. Something about such an unusual figure becoming an action icon, without knowing any sort of martial arts nor previously being a wrestler, just plain, old fashioned average joe action star.

Tim W (ca) wrote: I agree it's like an exploitation version of kill bill. The nude fight scenes are like nothing i've seen b4.

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: Hawaii (circa 1961) and ol'swivel hips is our personal tour guide. Angela Lansbury plays comic relief as his overmomming Southern mommie and Floyd the barber's in there, too, for comic backup lest attention starts to wander. This is strictly for fans of the Pelvis though. Hawaii looks good too. Rock-A-Hula, baby!

James H (es) wrote: 6.5/10. The story is rather ordinary, but Jean Harlow will lift up any film she is in. She's quite good in this one. A minor classic but well worth watching. Good cast.

Wayne S (us) wrote: Great movie! loved it.

Mayank A (us) wrote: Sickening story, when it try's to make amends in the end it messes up more. The grainy images and 158 minutes duration added to the unpleasantness of this hateful movie.

Kenny N (es) wrote: -5 stars. A man is responsible for this story. If his writing is an extension of his personality, then he is one of the most profoundly misogynistic woman haters this side of Spanky from Our Gang. How this ever got a major studio release is simply beyond me. 10% is far too high. Candice Bergen deserves better. Everyone else deserves worse.

Adam R (de) wrote: Sissy Spacek glows as the American legend, Loretta Lynn. I wasn't familiar with the singer's life, so I found this to be an interesting biopic. (First and only viewing - 4/26/2015)

Mark W (kr) wrote: A similar yet slightly weaker experience... Some elements of this film I enjoyed; others not so much! The gore was upped, but the story just presented nothing really knew and more of the same! Although the wheelchair scene and the house crushing scene warrant enough reason to watch this film, I think theres enough fun to be had here on it's own merit... Far from a bad movie!