DC Showcase: Jonah Hex

DC Showcase: Jonah Hex

When a ruthless brothel madame murders Jonah Hex's current quarry, the disfigured bounty hunter plans to make her pay.

When a ruthless brothel madame murders Jonah Hex's current quarry, the disfigured bounty hunter plans to make her pay. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DC Showcase: Jonah Hex torrent reviews

Mohsin B (nl) wrote: The underlying message is very true of the state of India !

Harry W (mx) wrote: With wide recognition and critical acclaim to its name, Wings of Desire sounded like an innovative German feature.Wings of Desire is a very experimental film. One which experiments with concept, but not so much with content. The premise of the story follows invisible angels who populate Berlin and find fascination with the human condition in such a manner that they are drawn to it. This presents a concept which offers elements of fantasy as the potential backdrop for an exploration of interesting characters, and there is even room to explore the concept of humanity in the process. Unfortunately, I found little of that in Wings of Desire.Since the angels cannot communicate with the humans in their immortal form, the majority of the film's earlier scenes depict the thoughts and prayers of the humans expressed through voice-over. For a seemingly endless period of time, the story aimlessly wades through an abundant supply of arbitrary characters whose relevance to the story always proves to be very minimal. It becomes difficult to ascertain which ones are important to keep track of or care about, and there is no room for story development in the process. It's only once the story finds characters worthy of doing anything with that it settles down and becomes a more focused narrative, but it takes so long to get there. There's only so much time I can spend looking at a series of random characters sitting alone and looking over their shoulder while unable to see the other actors standing right next to them before the affair becomes tired and repetitive.After an extensive period of no narrative development and a lot of slow storytelling, Wings of Desire changes its pace and slowly develops into a story of experiencing the human condition. It takes a while to learn that the aimless narrative has finally settled down, yet it remains a slowly paced film. The characters are given stories, but they continue to move at a glacial rate while relying on the dialogue to entice audiences. Given that I was still struggling to find entertainment value by this point, I gained no interest from what the characters had to say since I refused to attach myself to them on the basis that soon enough the story would move on to another irrelevant figure. The story in Wings of Desire just proved way too elusive and aimless for me, and it prevented me from finding any connection to the characters or the sentimental intentions of the story. Put simply, the film's creative experimentation seems to be the primary source of its critical acclaim, but it was something that I just struggled to embrace. Really, that left me with little to favour with this overly vague and surreal feature.Also, the ending to Wings of Desire is most unsatisfactory. The entire film leads up to a final note which says "To be continued". Not only does an underdeveloped story end with a demand that audiences watch a succeeding feature to complete the story, but it doesn't offer enough of an interesting one for me to care enough to try. A film with a narrative this vague and reliant on stylistic experimentation does not present much potential for a sequel, but the fact that there is one really puzzles me. Suffice to say I have little interest in seeing it.However, I will certify that Wings of Desire is shot very nicely. As much as I found myself disconnected to the narrative, the stylistic pursuit of capturing it was done in a very atmospheric manner thanks to the cinematography. Audiences are constantly kept at a distance from the human characters to present them with a voyeuristic perspective, matched in the way the feature uses voice-over work to depict the inner thoughts of its characters. The cinematography moves very gently to match the steady rate of the film's pace, and the use of colour is praiseworthy. The delicate use of sepia provides an effectively surreal feeling, and it gives viewers a much greater appreciation for the natural colours of the world when the visuals revert back to their natural state. Wings of Desire manages to use strong cinematography to capture its mood and emphasize the beauty in the scenery with a natural grace to it. The gentle editing of the film and particularly its use of slow fades as a transition help to maintain this mood.The cast also convey an effective grip over the elusive nature of the narrative. The standout is the talents of Bruno Ganz who leads the film as Damiel, an angel who learns what it is to experience love. The film's treatment of the theme may have gone over my head very much, but I lost no appreciation for Bruno Ganz's performance in the process. The man captures an emotionally restrained performance to depict someone who progressively begins to realize what human emotion is, and he does it with a subtle gleefulness to his curiosity. This provides the actor with a charming edge that makes his progressive interactions with Solveig Dommartin seem all the more touching. The man doesn't say too much in Wings of Desire which keeps him shrouded in mystery, yet he uses this to his benefit by intriguing audiences into realizing that he is the most important character to the story. Much of what he says comes simply from his facial expressions which are always rich with an element of wonder to him, ensuring that he captures the mystical element to his character naturally. Bruno Ganz leads Wings of Desire with passionate dedication and subtlety which is very admirable.Solveig Dommartin also delivers a beautiful effort. On top of the remarkable circus skills she learned in a period of 8 weeks for the film, Solveig Dommartin manages to convey the feeling of a troubled young girl in an adult's body. She is confused with the meaning of existence and cannot find appreciation for her talents, and her voice-over work presented against the backdrop of her very physical performance says everything about her. Her facial expressions rarely change, but they convey her emotionally confused nature while her physical movements do the talking. Solveig Dommartin provides audiences with a character who is dedicated to her talents but aware of her lack of worth in emptiness of existence, and the simple grace of her effort is beautiful.Wings of Desire has some talented actors, but its ambitions to experiment with an extremely vague story end up rather aimless and slow without any progressive development to boast.

Shawn L (es) wrote: Great Movie but the El Sid was a Black Man according to middle age, Medieval history. He was a black knight!!

Daniel D (jp) wrote: Um jovem bilionrio fica passeando em sua limosine e conversando com pessoas que trabalham para ele... faz sexo com algumas mulher.. corta o cabelo... e no final morre... filme sem graa e sem estria... no vale a pena perder tempo assistindo!

Anthony S (br) wrote: Gets ridiculous at times, but it's good for a laugh and sometimes that's all that matters

Annie C (mx) wrote: Jean-Pierre Darroussin's character was such a jerk to his wife, especially when the wife is played by the gorgeous Carole Bouquet. Red Lights, with it's mysterious plot and steady pace, shows the common male paranoia. I don't know if the end brought justice or if it made me happy, I just hope the husband will start being nice to his family and quit drinking.

robert h (es) wrote: I personally liked the movie... a great deal. Low key, perhaps predictable, but the depth of emotion and chemistry of Andy and Vera, (and, to a lesser extent, the kids), made this an unexpected very pleasant surprise. I personally liked the ending... that was a surprise.

Bruce B (ru) wrote: a down hill point in Rob Lowe,