DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection

DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection

An anthology of DC Showcase stories consisting of a new Superman/Shazam feature and extended versions of older shorts.

An anthology of DC Showcase stories consisting of a new Superman/Shazam feature and extended versions of older shorts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection torrent reviews

Miguel R (it) wrote: Mediocre thriller, but Lindy Booth is gorgeous as always...

Alexa C (kr) wrote: Besides the original, this one is apart of my favourites. The series never gets old! I love the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks! It's hilarious, and at times it makes you want to cheer along!

Petros K (it) wrote: every directorial cliche known to man16 12 2011

Movie K (kr) wrote: Quite a good thriller that eventually unfold. Liam Neeson and January Jones are a couple arriving in Germany to attend a medical conference. When they reach the hotel, Liam realize he forgot his briefcase and took a cab driven by illegal immigrant Diane Kruger. The cab got into an accident and plunge into the river. Liam concussion and nearly drown until Diane save him up. Liam fainted for 4 days and waken up with vague memories. He go back to the hotel and without his passport he can't get anything. He demand to go in to see January who upon seeing him say she don't know him. And another guy Aidan Quinn has assume his name and role.. in fact his life. Liam got out and was follow by some people. He go back to find the doctor. The nurse give him a name card to find a PI. An assassin kill the nurse and doctor, Liam manage to escape. He find Diane to help him but she refuse. So he find the PI Bruno Ganz who believe him. Liam find Diane again and she reluctantly help. Killers track them down and they escape. Bruno do some investigation and find out the conference which a sheik prince is also attending has encounter several attempts of assassination. He believe people assume Liam role in order to do so. Liam follow January to a museum and she tell him to find his briefcase in the airport. Bruno call and meet up Liam old pal Frank Langella who came to see him to certify Liam identity. Bruno has found out they are a bunch of assassin and he swallow cyanide to suicide. After getting back the briefcase, Diane left. Liam wait and meet Frank who want to silence him. He says they are assassins and has plan this for a year until he lost his memory. So Aidan has to assume his role and continue the job. Diane hijack a cab and knock the van down and killed Frank. Liam get flashback he and January used another name to plant the bomb in the hotel to execute their assassination. Sebastian Koch is a scientist who develope a new crop that can grow anywhere in the world under any circumstance. January plant a remote hard drive in his bag and steal his laptop info. After succeed, she and Aidan are about to leave after activate the bomb. Liam and Diane warn the hotel security which they don't believe, until Liam tell them to view the footage of back then he came to plant the bomb. Hotel lockdown and January go back to stop the bomb. Aidan got the chance to kill Sebastian and Liam fight him. January can't reach the button and blown to bits. Liam kill Aidan after he get his memory back. Sebastian announce his work and will be free for all which cause many food producers very unhappy. And it is funded by the prince. Diane got a new passport and so does Liam.

Ins M (gb) wrote: It is awsome. Really cool. Gotta know how to appreciate it =D

Bobby K (it) wrote: While there are certianly things that may annoy with its take on things, but it does try to be an edgey family film that takcles some tough questions.

Sherrill F (ca) wrote: The first half is shallow as it's supposed to be. The second half is surprisingly profound. Thought I would hate it, but it really got me with the end. The story isn't just "about porn" but that real life with all its complexities is much sweeter than fantasy.

Alex r (es) wrote: Scarecrows is a good film, but one that could definitely have used a few rewrites to make it a much better horror film. The scarecrow genre is an interesting genre of horror, and there has been a few good movies to deal with the subject, the most notable being Dark Night of the Scarecrow, which stands as the finest and scariest Scarecrow film ever made. This film on the other hand is good, but one that never really takes off and becomes a tedious affair. The film is directed by somewhat who clearly can't seem to craft a tense and thrilling memorable horror film that considering its idea, should have been much better than this. Scarecrows is good, but falls short of its potential, and I think it's a great shame because this film could have been a worthwhile and truly terrifying scarecrow film. As it stands, the scares are average, and the performances could have been improved upon a bit. The film clearly has limitations, and it tries to create effective scares, but it never ends up being terrifying. A good outing, but one that isn't a standout picture either. If you want the definitive scarecrow film, watch Dark Night of the Scarecrow, which is far better acted, directed and has a much better story. This is a good horror film to watch when you have nothing else better to do, and it could have been done much better. I really expected something great with this one, but as a whole, I was a bit disappointed as well. Good, but never great, Scarecrows is a film that considering its premise should definitely have been superior in every way compared to what we go on-screen. Worth seeing at least once, but it doesn't necessitate multiple viewings.