DC Showcase: The Spectre

DC Showcase: The Spectre

As Detective Jim Corrigan investigates a murder, The Spectre delivers horrific justice to the perpetrators.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:13 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   ghost,   police,  

As Detective Jim Corrigan investigates a murder, The Spectre delivers horrific justice to the perpetrators. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DC Showcase: The Spectre torrent reviews

Robert B (ru) wrote: Boy Wonder (Michael Morrissey, 2010)Imagine that, as a child, you saw your mother murdered. Imagine that the police have come up with nothing in the twelve years between then and now, no matter how much you stick around. (One character in the movie says that lead character Sean Donovan has become the precinct's unofficial mascot). Imagine you think you could do better. What would you do?Variations on the theme have populated any number of recent movies, from various attempts at the Batman franchise to Super to Kick-Ass. The best of the bunch, though, you may not have heard of: Boy Wonder, a low-key thriller that came right out of left field. First time writer/director Michael Morrissey got his start in Hollywood as a producer of reality TV shows, mostly centered around home renovation (First Time Flippers, Ten Grand in Your Hand, etc.). As of this writing, Boy Wonder is his only fictional effort. I know reality TV probably pays the bills better, but for my money, Morrissey needs to ditch the networks and start doing this stuff full-time, because his debut movie knocks one out of the park.This is normally where I would put the plot summary, but I kind of did that in the first paragraph. I'm sure you concluded from what I wrote up there that Sean Donovan (TV character actor Caleb Steinmeyer in his first feature appearance, and as of this writing, last-he seems to have gone behind the camera as a production assistant) turns to vigilantism both as an outlet for his pent-up rage and as a way of tracking down his mother's killer. Thus, Sean is playing both sides of the field-enlisting the help of the police department by day while evading them at night. When it comes right down to it, there's not a great deal of plot to this, but that helps the movie stay on track, and it also leaves ample room for Morrissey to develop his characters. That's what takes the movie from standard revenge thriller into the stratosphere. Ironically, it's also most likely why the movie went nowhere upon its initial release. This is not a movie where stuff blows up; it is more interested in the mentality of its protagonist than it is his deeds (though don't get me wrong, there's enough of that to keep you jumping now and again). You probably missed this one the first time around, as almost everyone did. But if you like intelligent, well-paced, slow thrillers, catch this at your earliest opportunity. ****

Guilherme V (us) wrote: Very good movie about the Z-Boyz

Amanda H (au) wrote: I first saw this when I was a teenager and I never really noticed all the plot holes at the time. I watched it again today and was blown away by how many things I didn't notice before, but I still enjoyed it. There's absolutely nothing realistic here, but it's still a fun action/mystery flick.

Jimena N (ag) wrote: The only scary thing about this film is how bad it is.1/10

Art S (kr) wrote: 70's Hammer film that sees Peter Cushing still chasing vampires - only this time he is a puritanical witchfinder who burns poor women at the stake when they are suspected of evil. Unfortunately for him, he is soon visited by twin nieces who attract the attention of the wicked Count Karnstein. Naturally, before long, one of them is a vampire and Cushing must defeat the correct twin without getting confused. Although decked out in the usual Hammer atmospherics, the film plods a bit, leers a lot, and doesn't really seem exciting or even scary until the final minutes when the vampires are dispatched. Kathleen Byron (a favorite of Powell and Pressburger's) is here in a support role as Cushing's wife, doing her best to maintain her dignity. Probably not worth your time when there is much better Hammer horror out there.

Sanford R (de) wrote: Not interested for now

John A (us) wrote: A Watchable 80's Thriller, In Which Tommy Lee Jones Brings Top Notch Acting