De blå ulvene

De blå ulvene

This time Pelle's father joins an activist group and Pelle has to face up to his father.

This time Pelle's father joins an activist group and Pelle has to face up to his father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon D (es) wrote: I'm ashamed to say I've not read Crime and Punishment so I can't really draw comparisons. I did think this was pretty good although hard work to get through the full 4 hours plus. The uncomfortably long scenes reminded me of Bela Tarr films which are also too long. The Philippines is a country that is undiscovered by many and that applies to the world of cinema too, so, like a trip there, watching this is worth the effort.

Perrine B (mx) wrote: Larry est un homme dans la quarantaine qui perd son emploi aprs des annes de bons et loyaux services. Pour pouvoir retrouver un travail et payer son hypothque, il dcide de s'duquer en prenant des cours au community college le plus proche de chez lui. L, il deviendra membre d'un gang sympa de conducteurs de mobylette, et tombera sous le charme de sa prof d'expression orale. Disons-le d'une traite, Tom Hanks est bien meilleur acteur que ralisateur. Voici qu'il nous propose un film certes inoffensif mais tellement cucul que a en devient risible. C'est dgoulinant de bons sentiments. Holl comme tout le monde est gentil. Quand tu fais le college, tu te fais de suite des potes jeunes et branchs, tu apprends duper une banque grce un cours d'conomie de base, on te resape, recoiffe, et rorganise ta maison, la belle prof est fan de toi, tu es super dou mme si tu n'as jamais tudi quoi que ce soit aprs la high school... Waow. C'est beau de voir le monde comme cela mais c'est beaucoup, beaucoup trop naf. Le tout est alourdi par la chanson finale I'm in America ... donc les USA c'est ce magnifique pays o tout le monde il est super gentil !

Knut F (ca) wrote: This was a real pain in many ways to watch.I belive that was the point.

Pedro P (ca) wrote: Quite decent. Watching two of my favourite actors - Paddy Considine and Radha Mitchell - together increased my level of enjoyment. There's a bit of clumsy storytelling thrown in, and the Russian accents may get a bit hard to swallow, but Paddy's performance elevates this to undeserved heights.

Gregory G (es) wrote: An absorbing, confounding documentary by director Werner Herzog about self-proclaimed bear lover Timothy Treadwell, who lived in the wilderness among wild bears at Katmai National Park in Alaska for thirteen summers, before he and his girlfriend were fatally attacked there by a bear. Treadwell documented his interactions with the bears on camera, which included remarkable footage of him touching them. There were over 100 hours of video that Herzog selected along with additional interviews he accumulated from Treadwell's family, friends, and nature experts. What makes this a peculiarly engrossing documentary is Treadwell himself. He filmed candid confessionals that revealed his contradictions, bravery, arrogance, foolishness, and heedless self-destruction. We watch, transfixed, by his perplexing behavior. Herzog provides the narration but it's more of a distraction than a benefit; his commentary often resorts to simplistic ruminations. Still, the movie is consistently fascinating throughout. It's both a celebration and cautionary tale of man versus hostile nature.

kentrell (nl) wrote: this movie is full of shit making micheal jackson bad they had a bad actor i bet they made 2 cents after thatmovie

August C (de) wrote: So many boobs,so little plot. not sure what this was about,don't realy care. One star, boobs.

Logan M (gb) wrote: Lightweight and hard to get sucked into, Woody Allen's serious dramas improved with the likes of "September" and "Match Point."

Justin W (ag) wrote: oooh...a movie about some very disturbed sociopathic kiddies murdering a house full of people. some of the deaths are in particular involves a bubble bath and a bucket full of piranhas. but anyway, this movie is very disturbing...especially with the little kid-like music playing during all of their murdering. it's pretty demented...but it's definitely worth a watch.

Vikram T (ru) wrote: good. it was different

Danny D (de) wrote: Not as funny as Madea's Big Family but it's good.

Logan M (au) wrote: A fast paced, rough and tough gangster film with all the themes Martin Scorsese would continue to use in his future films.

Claudio F (fr) wrote: I don't get the bad reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed it and im not into fighting movies, was just out of curiosity.

Grayson W (de) wrote: I am surprised that this movie has so many negative reviews. It stars Oliver Reed and is clearly a very large influence for The Shining.